Undeclared and Individualized Study

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Design Your Path.
Reach Your Goals.

We all approach education differently, with varying experiences and perspectives. You may be...

  • Self-motivated, independent, and seeking your own path.
  • Innovative, ambitious, and ready to explore dynamic career options.
  • Mature, high achiever interested in enriching your life.
  • Passionate and altruistic, and focused on positive impact and powerful change.
  • Or a combination of these.

You may know what you want to do, but you may find yourself drawn to a collection of interests that doesn’t fit neatly into a traditional academic program.


Are you looking for something more?

In RIT’s School of Individualized Study, your education is designed by you. A customized academic program crafted around your interests, your goals, your career aspirations. All in a place dedicated to bringing your unique vision to life.

Your ideas aren’t traditional. 
Why settle for an education that is?


Concentration Options


Courses to Choose From


Cooperative Education Participation

Degree Programs

In the School of Individualized Study, you’ll customize your academic degree around your interests and career goals. With a rich and diverse academic portfolio that includes more than 80 undergraduate programs, more than 100 graduate programs, and numerous options and concentrations, you can blend a range of RIT course work to create a degree that helps you accomplish your professional aspirations. And you’ll do all of this with a team of advisors who continuously provide personalized guidance and support.

Where Your Endeavors Take Shape

High-Touch, Hands-On Advising

An unconventional degree program needs more than traditional advising.

Our academic advising process that’s all about you. We want to get to know you and your interests. What are your career goals? What do you want out of your education? By getting to know who you are and what you want to do, we can help you craft an educational journey that’s personalized to your aspirations. 

Our advising process is continual, high-touch, and customized to your individual career goals. We’ll help you:

  • Arrange introductions with RIT’s faculty and staff, Rochester community partners, and beyond
  • Mentor you on your academic path
  • Connect you to university resources
  • Support you through program completion
Michelle Firnstein

In talking to students about their career and educational goals, we seek classes throughout the university that will benefit them. We also connect them with faculty and community partners that have expertise in their areas of interest. This continuous one-on-one interaction fosters strong working relationships. Students interested in designing their own major and taking control of their educational path will find the School of Individualized Study is the right place to be.

Michelle Firnstein
Senior Academic Advisor
School of Individualized Study

Signature Initiatives Designed for Your Success

The School of Individualized Study offers a host of engaging opportunities to expand your educational experiences. Discover your leadership style, develop your entrepreneurial ideas, or return to RIT to finish your degree.

Engaged, Dedicated Faculty

The faculty in the School of Individualized Study understand the value of relationships, and work with you to help you define what you want to do and how you can reach those goals. You’ll also partner with faculty throughout RIT as you choose concentrations and customized course work.

Makini Beck

Students in the School of Individualized Study are visionary thinkers. They look for the gaps in the traditional academic curriculum, and create degree programs that are creative and innovative. I am often in awe of some of the imaginative ways in which students have tailored their academic learning to suit their individualized needs and current job market trends.

Makini Beck
Assistant Professor, School of Individualized Study

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