Professional Networking Associations

The August Group (

The August Group is a grassroots organization that provides community focused networking for Rochester area professionals. The primary goals are to assist professionals in the development of networking skills in a changing economy; to facilitate the flow of knowledge; and to encourage connecting of resources and interests to the end of developing economic growth and the creation of new businesses. The August Group is building partnerships with those developing Rochester's evolving regional economy.

Computer Link Magazine's Rochester Computer User Groups

Digital Rochester (

Networking association for technology professionals in Rochester, New York.

Rochester Young Professionals Network (

(RYP) is a community effort connecting great people with our community. We do this through informal professional networking and entrepreneurial development; involving our community through volunteerism; and engaging our community in Rochester's vast cultural, recreational and social activities, while revealing our community's regional assets. We also look to be an informational source to those in our community, highlighting the variety of issues and opportunities in our area. Our overriding goal is to attract and retain talented, educated, ambitious young professionals in our community, working together with great organizations across Rochester. Fundamentally, RYP has been created to engage and cultivate Rochester through educating, connecting and involving our peers.