Chief Information Officer

Keri Glitch - Executive Director, Information Technology

Keri Glith is executive director, information technology for Iberdrola USA's three operating companies - NYSEG, RG&E and Central Maine Power company - which serve nearly 2.4 million customers in the Northeastern United States.

In this role, Keri is responsible for directing all information technology activities across the enterprise including IT applications, infrastructure and operational environments; as well as ensuring IT service delivery for all IUSA operating companies.

Prior to her role as executive director of information technology, Glitch held positions of increasing responsibility at Energy East Corporation (the predecessor to Iberdrola USA); starting as a Supply Chain Compliance Analyst, progressing to Lead Electric Planning Analyst in Supply chain Materials Management and moving to Manager – Database and Storage Support, Information Technology where she was responsible for all aspects of the database and storage environments including maintaining reliability.

Prior to joining Energy East, Glitch taught warehouse and inventory management as an adjunct professor at the College of Applied Science and Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology where she was also the US Air Force ROTC program coordinator.
Glitch has nine years of experience in the food industry, where she specialized in warehouse control, inventory accuracy and transportation management.
Glitch holds a master’s of science degree in multidisciplinary studies which concentrations in Human Resource Management, Instructional Technology, and Service Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology; and a bachelor’s of science degree in business management from the State University of New York at Geneseo.

Employee Testimonials

Sailaja - Lead Database Analyst

Energy East provided me rewarding work opportunities without the need to forfeit my family life. My daughter was an infant when I started here 3 years ago and a flexible schedule was very important to me. When I was hired into a lead database analyst they worked with me to achieve a work-life balance, which was very important to me. I have been encouraged to explore career growth opportunities within my organization and know that Energy East will help me to get where I want to go. I enjoy working at Energy East because of the people, the flexibility, the caring, and the opportunities. Energy East is a genuinely happy and fun place to work. People are eager to do their jobs and put forth their best efforts across the company. In my job, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to interface with many different employees across the entire company. The enthusiasm here is widespread and infectious - great people working together!

Scott - Director, Technical Services

IT is a quickly evolving field and when the computer savvy generation becomes the predominate work force you will see the role of IT shift. This shift will move more control and data to the end user and permanently shift the responsibilities from IT.

The server management and infrastructure management positions will be less of a specialized role and become the more entry level role in IT. IT will merge more with the business with a focus on information gathering and delivery. IT Infrastructure will become a commodity.

The way to keep pace and be successful will be through education and maintaining an open mind. IT management is very much like software versions. We plan to go from Step 1 or Version 1.0 to Version 2.0, we do not think about going from Version 1.0 to Version 100. We need to start thinking with a creative out-of-the box approach and not in small steps.

Lindsay - Network Engineering Intern

Being not all that far from a newcomer myself, I would have to impress upon a new person the importance of communication skills. They are ever so important to make meetings, and your workplace function. But more so then that it is not necessarily the technical skills one might possess that makes them valuable to a company, but more so the ability to obtain those skills, and the desire to further those skills, your education does not end on graduation day.