Chief Information Officer

David Lewis - University of Rochester CIO

David E. Lewis is the Chief Information Officer for the University of Rochester. In his current position he reports to the Provost and oversees the University's Information Technology Services (ITS) organization. He provides broad leadership for the extensive and diverse information technology (IT) initiatives required by a leading research university.

As the primary hub for campus-wide IT programs and initiatives, the Office of the CIO engages key University constituents to ensure that all IT services align with the institution's missions of teaching, research, patient care, performance, and community service. A key objective is to build collaborative relationships within ITS and with other University IT operations to create an integrated, secure, dependable infrastructure that supports efficient exchange and cost-effective distribution of information, products, and services across the University community.

Dave joined the University of Rochester in 1997. He was previously employed by the University of Michigan for over 10 years, where he served in a variety of IT leadership roles. He has an extensive background leading information technology organizations including developing and integrating complex IT infrastructures into higher education and health care environments. Dave is experienced in collaborating with University faculty on projects relating to research, and teaching and learning initiatives that require technology support. As a University administrator, Dave has been involved and at the leading edge of developing sustainable cost recovery models for funding information technology infrastructure.

Lewis is active in many national and regional initiatives including Educause, NYSERNet, Internet2, and ACUTA. He received both his bachelor's degree in Organizational Development and his master's degree in Business Administration, with honors, from Eastern Michigan University. Dave currently resides in Pittsford with his wife and two children. Dave enjoys sports, building relationships, and spending time with his family.

Employee Testimonials

Doug - Lead Network Engineer

"Be open-minded and ready to tackle any new technology challenges. So many new technologies are making it onto the market. Be aware of how things are changing and evolving so you don't get blindsided.

To be successful in the IT field today, education is a must. You need to have an understanding of how technology works. I started before much of the telecommunications technology began. There was no college degree for my field. Today, however, a degree is a necessity."

BJ - Information Security Analyst

"Technology is always changing. You have to stay up to speed on all that is happening in the field. Having a breadth of knowledge will help you understand how all of IT works and not just your area of focus. In addition, learning some security basics can help not only you, but the company you work for as well."

Jackie - Sr. Methods and Procedures Analyst

"IT is ever changing in today's business world, but the focus of IT should always be to automate business practices and improve productivity within an organization.

There are so many career opportunities in IT because almost all organizations utilize IT in some fashion. IT offers people the opportunity to get involved in the day-to-day operations and decision making, and provides people the opportunity to interact with all facets of an organization. Because IT methods can vary from organization to organization, flexibility and the ability to multitask is very important."