Settling In: Navigating Life as a First-Year Student and On-Campus Housing at RIT

Your first year college — a whirlwind of excitement, nerves, and new beginnings. As I reflect on my journey at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), one particular memory stands out: move-in day. Let me take you through the rollercoaster ride of emotions and experiences that marked my transition to college life, from choosing a roommate to settling into on-campus housing during orientation week.

Choosing RIT: A Leap of Faith

As a high school senior, the decision to choose a college was daunting. But amidst the sea of choices, RIT stood out like a beacon of opportunity. The vibrant campus, the sense of community, and the endless possibilities drew me in. It was a leap of faith, guided by the stories of seniors who had found their home at RIT. Little did I know, this decision would pave the way for a transformative journey.

Move-In Day: A Mix of Excitement and Jitters

Some students and parents unpacking a car into move-in carts

The anticipation of move-in day was palpable as my family and I made our way to RIT. Navigating through the bustling campus, we were greeted by friendly faces and helpful signs guiding us to the check-in location.

With keys in hand, we embarked on a golf cart ride to my new home for the next two semesters. The adrenaline rush of starting this new chapter was exhilarating, but beneath the excitement lurked a hint of nervousness.

Navigating On-Campus Housing: From Preferences to Partnerships

An aerial view of the dormside of RIT campus

Months before move-in day, around Mid May or early June, the process of selecting a roommate and housing began. I received an email from RIT Housing. I had to log in where I filled out my housing assignment and meal plan.

It is easy to meet people through online platforms like Discord, Instagram, and the Accepted Students Facebook group. You can connect with fellow first-year students by joining all the first-year groups, eventually finding a roommate. I met my roommate on Instagram. We talked and shared common interests and values. But for those who can't find a good fit for a roommate, don’t worry, RIT's housing assignment system ensures a smooth transition by matching preferences and facilitating roommate partnerships.

Living Together: Building Bonds and Bridging Differences

A decorated RIT dorm room

Living with a roommate can be both thrilling and challenging. You and your roommate will fill out a roommate agreement form in the beginning of your fall semester. Your resident advisor (RA) will let you know about the form and when to fill it out.

From setting ground rules to navigating differences in lifestyle, communication was key to fostering a harmonious living environment. Through open conversation and mutual respect, my roommate and I learned to lean on each other, creating a supportive space where we could thrive academically and personally. If you have any problem and questions please seek your RA’s guidance. They are there to help you.

Navigating the First Day of your Orientation Week: From Roommates to Lifelong Friends

Anika holding a "First Day of Classes" sign

The first day on campus can be overwhelming, but having a roommate by your side makes all the difference. My roommate and I went to dinner on our first day. We also took a tour of the campus. RIT hosts a lot of events during orientation week. As we ventured out to explore campus, we leaned on each other for support, forging a bond that would lay the foundation for lifelong friendship. And as we met new people and formed new friendships, our circle of support expanded, enriching our college experience in ways we never imagined.

When you meet your orientation group, you will take a class called RIT 365 together for the fall semester. This class is designed to help you navigate the campus and expose you to new clubs and organizations on campus.

Final Thoughts: Embracing the Journey

As I look back on my first year at RIT, I'm filled with gratitude for the experiences that shaped me and the connections that sustained me. From move-in day to late-night study sessions, each moment was a stepping stone on my journey of self-discovery. And as I embark on the next chapter of my college adventure, I carry with me the lessons learned and the friendships forged, knowing that the best is yet to come.

In the end, it's not just about the destination—it's about embracing the journey, navigating the twists and turns with courage and resilience. As you patiently wait for your turn, please look out for emails from RIT. It will have important instruction which will ensure a smooth start at RIT. Last but not least, Welcome home tigers. We can't wait to welcome you this fall at RIT — a community of dreamers and believers.

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