Important Information from Human Resources: COVID-19 Updates

Congratulations on having successfully navigated the changes to how we work and communicate imposed by the pandemic. Your individual and collective efforts during these challenging times were noticed and much appreciated.

As we move into the new year and look forward to the spring, we will need the same level of commitment to ensure another successful semester.  To help prepare, please review the following important information.

Daily Screening

All employees should continue to complete the Daily Health Screen (DHS) and supervisors should complete the Supervisor Daily Health Audit (DHA) as follows:

  • Fall Adjuncts should complete through Friday, December 11, 2020; continuing and new Spring Adjuncts should resume/begin Monday, January 25, 2021.
  • Faculty and Staff who are not working on campus over the holiday break should complete the DHS through Thursday, December 24, 2020 and resume Monday, January 4, 2021.
    • Supervisors who do not have employees working on campus need not complete the DHA. 
  • Faculty, Staff and Student Employees who work on campus over the holiday break should continue to complete the DHS from December 25, 2020 through January 3, 2021.
    • Supervisors should complete the DHA if their employees are working.

Screening reminders: Daily email reminders for all employees and supervisors will be suspended during the December 25, 2020 to January 3, 2021 holiday break. The DHS completion requirement for students who are not working will be suspended from December 10, 2020 through January 10, 2021.

Screening support for faculty, staff and adjuncts through RRH Occupational Medicine will continue uninterrupted throughout the semester and holiday break periods.  If an employee answers ‘Yes’ on the DHS and ‘screens Red,’ they should immediately contact the Rochester Regional Health (RRH) RIT COVID-19 Hotline at (585) 450-8199 for a health assessment by an RRH medical professional.

Please Note: All employee questions and concerns related to COVID-19 should be directed to the RRH hotline.  Medical professionals in the Student Health Center (Drs. Phillips and Gelbard) are available to support and address student health concerns only.

COVID-19 Test Results – Ongoing Requirements

Employees are to upload COVID-19 test results (positive or negative) into Oracle every time they are tested.

Immediately upon notification of a positive test result, RIT initiates our protocol which includes confirming whether the individual has recently been to campus. If so, RIT works with the Monroe County Department of Public Health to perform contact tracing.  Those within the RIT community deemed to be ‘close contacts,’ if any, are notified of possible exposure and directed accordingly.  Other employees likely are not notified when a co-worker tests positive. Other protocols (cleaning, etc.) are initiated as needed. Managers determine remote work adjustments and/or temporary office closure as appropriate. Again, specific actions are taken based on the circumstances of each case.

Please Note: Though RIT is a close-knit community, medical information (including the results of COVID-19 tests) is private and as such should not be shared with any other employee.

Preparing for Spring – What’s Required?

Working on campus:

All employees working on campus in spring 2021 are required to obtain the following, regardless of whether or not they are working on campus through the holiday break:

1) New, recent negative COVID-19 test (performed on or after January 7, 2021)

Please Note: Employees who have tested positive on or after November 2, 2020 (within 12 weeks prior to the start of classes) and have uploaded their test results in Oracle are not required to submit a negative COVID-19 test result.

2) 2020/2021 seasonal flu vaccine (administered on or after August 1, 2020)

Both the COVID-19 test results and flu vaccine confirmation should be uploaded to Oracle on or before Monday, January 25, 2021. Please Note: Given the holiday and availability of testing, employees may report to work without a new, negative COVID test or with results-pending through January 24, 2021. Employees should contact their manager with any questions specific to their personal situation.

Employees with approved accommodations may also be excused from these requirements. Information on the accommodation process is located on the Human Resources website.

Employees who travel out of state should refer to the NYS travel guidelines for up to date quarantine and/or testing requirements.

Working remotely:

The COVID-19 test and flu vaccination are not required of employees who will be on campus for a brief visit no more than once a month (e.g. to pick up mail)​ or if they visit campus and remain outdoors.​

A new remote work attestation must be entered in Oracle for spring for any adjunct working 100% remotely or any regular faculty or staff employee working 100% remotely outside of New York State. 

For up to date information, see the RIT Safety Plan, FAQs for Employees, COVID-19 Supervisor FAQs,  and Employee Information and Resources or contact the RIT Service Center with questions.

Stay safe and healthy! 

Your RIT HR Team