Matt Hartensveld named as a SEMICON West 20 Under 30 future microelectronics industry leader

Innovative work in LED display technologies recognized by international organization

Gabrielle Plucknette-DeVito

Engineering alumnus and entrepreneur Matt Hartensveld has developed technologies to advance LED display technologies for devices from smart watches to virtual reality applications.

From building a cleanroom in his family home while he was in high school to becoming an entrepreneur and Ph.D., it is no wonder that Matt Hartensveld is viewed as a future leader in the microelectronics industry. He was recently named SEMICON West 20 under 30 awardee, given by the organization to recognize the microelectronic industry’s brightest young leaders.

Hartensveld ’18 (microelectronic engineering), ’18 MS (materials science and engineering), ’21 Ph.D. (microsystems engineering) is an example of the talent in the microelectronic pipeline and someone who inspiring its growth, said Robert Pearson, professor of electrical and microelectronic engineering in RIT’s Kate Gleason College of Engineering (KGCOE).

“Matt embodies the curiosity and engineering mindset across multiple fields of study that we try to develop in our microelectronic engineering students. He is combining his knowledge and practical focus in materials, devices, and processes to create products that have never been seen before. I am amazed, but not surprised, at what he has already accomplished, and I look forward to seeing what else he will do,” said Pearson. He is one of the many faculty members Hartensveld credits with encouraging and mentoring him throughout his time at RIT.

While Hartensveld worked on his Ph.D. in microsystems engineering, he also began his own business, Innovation Semiconductor, to research and develop LED display technologies. Using new materials, integrating nanowires into semiconductor structures, Hartensveld is producing technology that will enhance device capabilities from smart watches to using augmented/virtual reality.

Much of this innovative work began an undergraduate, exploring entrepreneurial opportunities offered through the Albert J. Simone Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and at Venture Creations. Throughout graduate and doctoral studies, he acquired several patents for his work integrating LEDs and nanowire technologies.

Recently named one of KGCOE’s Emerging Leaders, Hartensveld has come a long way from modifying his Xbox 360 and acquiring equipment for his own cleanroom to innovating today’s electronic devices.

“At RIT, I found a unique environment that encouraged the freedom to be innovative,” said Hartensveld, who is from Wyckoff, N.J. “The faculty was always a constant source of support, especially during Dr. Pearson’s microelectronics senior design class, where I had the opportunity to develop the key technology behind my company. My journey through RIT has been amazing, filled with growth and valuable experiences. Being named a SEMICON West 20 Under 30 awardee now is both humbling and inspiring—it underscores the importance of pursuing one’s passion and striving for innovation.”

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