NTID Orientation Programs

What is SVP?

The Fall 2020 session of SVP starts on Sunday, August 9, 2020! 

NTID orientation, the Summer Vestibule Program (SVP) is a required two-week orientation experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing students who are accepted into an associate degree program, associate+bachelor's degree program, pre-baccalaureate program, or in career exploration studies in the College of NTID. During this program, you will be placed into the appropriate skill levels in math and English, as well as determine your course of study. Also, you will be introduced to RIT/NTID facilities, policies, and student life opportunities, so that you'll be well prepared when classes start. Attendance at SVP is mandatory, so do not make other plans during this period.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing students who are accepted into a bachelor's degree program in one of RIT's other colleges do not attend SVP orientation. These students should attend the New Student Orientation. Visit this page for your orientation information and schedule.

Starting in the Fall?

Course Placement Testing

  • Helps you figure out the best major or degree level for you
  • English (reading/writing)
  • Mathematics (basic calculators allowed)
  • Other areas as necessary

Reading and Math Test Examples

Typical example questions on reading and writing placement test can be downloaded here.

Math examples can be downloaded here.

Program Sampling

This consists of two days of activities designed to help you determine or confirm your major at RIT/NTID. You will be able to see the six program areas and select two that you're interested in. The areas are:

  1. Design and imaging technology
  2. Applied sciences
  3. Engineering studies and technology
  4. Liberal arts
  5. Information and computing studies
  6. Business studies 


Career Seminars

Career seminars are classes designed to help you match your skills, interests and values with a major at RIT/NTID. Career seminar instructors provide instruction and guidance, explain test results, and introduce you to campus life.

Campus Life

You'll participate in activities that introduce you to college life and what is needed to succeed at RIT/NTID. During SVP, the NTID Student Life Team offers opportunities for personal growth including cultural, recreational, athletic, and residence life activities.

Review and follow the Admissions checklist for accepted students before arriving on campus.

  • Check in on the first floor of the CSD Student Development Center, Building 55 on Sunday, August 9, 2020 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • Move into your dorm room. SVP volunteers will be available to help you as much as possible. To make your move easier, some carts will be available; however, we recommend you bring your own dolly or cart, if possible.
  • Follow your orientation schedule completely. You are expected to stay and participate fully in your orientation experience.

The schedule below is an example of what to expect during your SVP experience. 

Students will obtain a DETAILED SVP schedule on move-in day. Students can expect to be busy with SVP events/activities between 8am-9pm each day.  (*PLEASE do your shopping, errands BEFORE you arrive for move in!)

Before move-in:

  • Thinking about moving in before this day? There may be a $50/day early arrival fee. Please discuss this option with Housing Operations

Day 1: Move-in and orientation

  • Move-in from 9am-1pm only!  (PLEASE make every effort to be here during this time.  LATE ARRIVALS will need to wait a bit to obtain keys, get settled in and you'll be missing important information!). 
  • Meet your OL "Orientation Leader", Student Panel
  • Dinner - SVP Student meal plans start @ Dinner
  • SVP Welcome, Olde Tyme Lemonade Social

Day 2

  • Services Fair
  • Career Seminar
  • OL meeting
  • ROC That! entertainment show in Panara Theater!

Day 3

  • Reading Placement Test
  • Writing Placement Test
  • Career Seminar
  • ASL Interviews
  • OL meeting
  • Communication Access at NTID program

Day 4

  • Math Placement Test
  • Michigan Test
  • Student Conduct presentation
  • Career Seminar
  • SAISD Jam program

Day 5

  • Financial Aid workshop
  • Campus Tours
  • Directory Photos
  • College Life 101
  • Dating and Relationships program

Day 6

  • Writing Placement Exam
  • Math Interviews/Math Placement Exam
  • Career Seminar
  • OL Meeting
  • RITz Game Night

Day 7

  • Career Seminar
  • Diversity and Identity program
  • SVP Photo
  • (Fun evening entertainment being planned...)

Day 8

  • (OFF in the morning/FREE TIME)
  • (FUN afternoon/evening events being planned...)

Day 9

  • Career Sampling #1
  • Communication Workshop and Tour
  • Career Seminar
  • Night at the Library/Global Village hangout

Day 10

  • Career Sampling #2
  • Career Seminar
  • Tour of the NTID Learning Center
  • Department Interviews
  • RA Floor Meeting (in the dorms)
  • Evening Programming

Day 11

  • SVP Closing Ceremony
  • Tiger Walk
  • RIT Academic Convocation
  • Ice cream social
  • RIT Orientation activities

Day 12

  • Department/Acceptance Letters
  • Academic Department meeting
  • Meet your NTID Academic Advisors
  • RIT Orientation activities

Day 13

  • RIT Orientation Activities

Day 14

  • RIT Orientation activities

Day 15

Day off! Get organized, meet people, REST before your first day as a college student!

Day 16

Classes Begin! Best of luck to you!

Dress for the Weather

Dress at RIT is casual, but there may be times when you will want to dress up. What is most important to remember is that Rochester’s weather is unpredictable. Bring plenty of warm clothing and rain gear to campus with you. If you plan to go home for Thanksgiving break, you can bring most of your winter clothing back to campus then, instead of in early fall.

Computer Guidelines

You are not required to bring a computer to RIT/NTID. There are computer labs in academic buildings, the library and in the residence halls. If you do bring a personal computer, you will have to make sure your computer software meets RIT security standards. Information explaining how to get your computer “network ready” can be found on the ITS Resnet website.

Student rights and responsibilities

You are responsible for ensuring that you are familiar with RIT Students' Rights and Responsibilities.

Student Financial Services Office

The Student Financial Services Office, located in the University Services Center, Bldg 87 1st floor, maintains all student financial records, generates semeter billing, and determines each student’s financial eligibility to register for each semester. The office processes student charges, payments, and refunds. Questions regarding financial records should be directed to the Student Financial Services Office at 585-475-6186 (V) or 585-475-2080 (TTY). Student Financial Services representatives are available to meet with parents.

Vocational Rehabilitation Support

If you will be receiving VR support, it is important to keep your VR counselor informed of  your program choice, grades and any other information he or she requires as part of your funding agreement. It is very important to communicate with your VR counselor throughout the academic year to keep him or her informed of your progress. Most VR offices expect you to maintain full-time student status (minimum 12 credits/semester) and to earn a GPA of 2.0 or above to continue to receive support.

Counseling Services

The NTID Counseling and Academic Advising Services Department provides all deaf and hard-of-hearing students with personal, career and academic counseling. Upon arrival at RIT/NTID you are assigned a counselor to assist you with your transition to college. For more information about these services, please visit the NTID Counseling Department website.


RIT hosts a branch of Advantage Federal Credit Union on campus. Additionally, there are several HSBC and M&T Bank ATMs that accept bank cards affiliated with NYCE, Global Access, MasterCard, Visa, CIRRUS, and PLUS at a charge to the customer. Here is a list of a few banks, close to campus.

Advantage FCU
Advantage FCU

Bank of America
1-800-841-4000 (V)
1-800-637-4031 (TTY)

1-800-975-4722 (V)
1-800-898-5999 (TTY)

Citizens Bank
1-877-242-7837 (V)
1-800-588-7272 (TTY)

1-800-724-2440 (V)
1-800-724-1930 (TTY)

Staying Safe on Campus

Online Forms

Starting in the Spring?

The spring session is a much shorter version of the standard SVP schedule to accommodate the winter break and the needs of entering students, who are often commuters and/or transfer students. 

Things you need to do before arriving on campus:

  • Follow everything on NTID Admissions' Accepted Student Checklist
  • Be here and ready for the Orientation program by the date listed in your acceptance communication.
  • There will be no paper mail sent home with any orientation details - all the information you need is right here. Please contact us if you have questions.

If you need a residence hall assignment, be sure to contact Housing Operations ASAP for more details. You are expected to do this before your arrival to ensure we have located an available housing assignment!  Do not sign up for housing when you come to campus.

Spring 2020 Orientation:




January 6


8 a.m.-5 p.m. only

Early Move-in into RIT Housing may be permitted – Contact Housing Operations to make arrangements by logging into the Housing Portal
Location: Grace Watson Hall to pick up keys

January 7

8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Incoming College of NTID students: Move into the Residence Halls
Location: Grace Watson Hall to pick up keys
Please be moved in and ready to participate in the Orientation program at 3pm!


8 a.m.-3 p.m.

If needed, pick up post office box key at A-level of Nathaniel Rochester Hall (only for students living on-campus!)


3 p.m.-5 p.m.

Welcome to RIT/NTID & Pizza dinner for new College of NTID Students! (parents welcome during this time)

  • Discussion of RIT/NTID Resources
  • Who’s Who on campus
  • Meal plan overview
  • RIT Policies & Expectations
  • Brief introductions of Financial Aid, Career Exploration Studies, etc.
  • Q & A

Location: NTID/Johnson Hall, room 2590

January 8

8 a.m.-9 a.m.

*Breakfast provided for students by NTID Orientation
Location: NTID/Johnson Hall, #2593


9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Placement testing in:

  • NTID Writing
  • NTID Reading
  • NTID Math
  • Michigan (another type of reading test)

**It may be possible you will take the WPE/MPE – pending results of these 4 tests mentioned above
Location: NTID/Johnson Hall, CRTC computer lab



Lunch (TBA)


5 p.m.

Dinner on your own (use your food debit on your RIT ID card)
*Be sure to use your food debit as your meal plan is NOT activated yet
Location: TBA (not all dining facilities are open!)

January 9

8 a.m.

Breakfast (TBA)


9 a.m.

MyCourses Overview
Location: NTID/Johnson Hall, CRTC computer lab



Meeting with your Chairperson to review your program and obtain Spring semester schedule & Meeting with NTID Academic Advisor
Location: TBA



Lunch on your own (food debit)

January 10


RIT Orientation programming



HOLD for additional testing, schedules, etc.


  Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on your own (food debit)

Saturday, January 11


RIT Orientation programming



Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on your own (food debit)

January 12

11 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Brunch @ Gracie’s/Grace Watson Hall – your meal plan for Spring Semester is NOW activated!

January 13


Classes Begin! Best wishes on a successful Spring Semester!

*Any dietary restrictions/food allergies must be emailed to Karyssa Martin, staff assistant, by Monday, January 6, 2020.

Information about dining facilities: https://www.rit.edu/fa/diningservices/places-to-eat/hours
Dining plan changes: mydining.rit.edu

Download the following apps:

  • RIT Mobile (links to Dining Services, Bus schedules, campus maps, etc.)
  • TigerSafe (text/call Public Safety in case of emergency)

All events listed here are required. If you have questions, please contact Karyssa Martin, staff assistant.

NTID Parents and Families

Frequently Asked Questions

SVP Tuition

The cost of SVP

The fee for NTID’s Summer Vestibule Program is included in your fall semester bill.  These costs cover programming and room & board and are not covered by financial aid. If you have VR or OSAP support, be sure to discuss the costs related to SVP with them before arriving.

Tuition Fees Information

New Signers Program

The New Signers Program (NSP) is an optional one-credit, pre-orientation program offered on a first come, first served basis to newly accepted deaf and hard-of-hearing students who have little or no prior skills in American Sign Language. This program is designed to help you learn basic sign skills, so that you will be able to communicate more effectively with RIT/NTID students, faculty, and staff members who use sign language. In addition to sign language instruction, you also will receive an introduction to Deaf culture and awareness, explore Rochester, learn how to navigate the RIT campus, and participate in other fun activities.

NSP is held for two weeks prior to SVP. Upon arrival to NSP, you will move into your permanent housing for the academic year.

New Signers Program