On- and Off-Campus Housing

Many changes have been made to RIT housing to improve safety, including allowing only two students to a room in residence halls and limiting occupancy in elevators.

Health and Safety Considerations

Reduced occupancy
In order to promote physical distancing, only two students are allowed to room together in residence halls. Additional rooms are available at the RIT Inn and Conference Center for the first time to first-year students.

A micro-fridge (microwave/refrigerator/freezer) is provided in all residence hall and RIT Inn rooms to allow students to prepare and warm their food. Students are not allowed to bring their own refrigerators.

Air purification
RIT is installing bipolar ionization systems in its residence halls, apartments, and academic buildings to help neutralize viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, and other airborne contaminants.

Enhanced cleaning
Cleaning in restrooms and high-touch areas including lobbies and elevators occurs twice a day in residence halls.

Physical distancing
Elevators in residence halls have limited occupancy. Face masks are required in common spaces. And an app will be available to enable students to hold virtual appointments with the housing office.

Off-Campus Housing

Students concerned about issues regarding off-campus housing can reach out directly to landlords to discuss options. Additionally, the Off Campus and Commuter Services team in RIT’s Center for Campus Life can provide information and resources about the rental process.

Learn more about commuter resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Students residing in RIT housing may host one guest in their living space. The guest must be an RIT student and a resident of the same residence hall or apartment community.

  • No more than one guest per resident at any time.
  • Physical distancing and maximum occupancy requirements should be maintained throughout the guest visit.
  • Any guests in the room/apartment must be agreed upon by room/suitemates or the visit must happen in a common area of the residence hall, or in a one-person bedroom.
  • Personal aides, nurses, caregivers, or any other reasonable accommodations provided to students with disabilities are not considered guests.

Air purification ionizers are being installed in residence halls and apartments, and paper towel dispensers are replacing hand blowers in residence hall bathrooms. Cleaning will occur twice a day in bathrooms and high-touch areas including lobbies and elevators. Everyone is expected to wear a face mask when in common areas.