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Who doesn’t love an animated film? In the film and animation BFA program, you can bring your own stories to life on the big screen.

The animation option within the film and animation degree program enables students to choose one of three tracks: 2D, 3D, or stop motion animation. Each allows for the exploration of the many facets of the animated form — from films, games, and AR/VR to digital effects, compositing, sound design, and the integration of animation with live-action storytelling. This option is part of the Film and Animation BFA program.

The 2D animation concentrates on traditional forms drawn by hand, a mixture of both traditional and digital, or all digital origination. 3D animation courses focus on advanced 3D modeling, lighting, texturing, and animating in a 3D space. Stop motion focuses on digital technology in support of puppet fundamentals and non-puppet frame-by-frame techniques.Additionally, students can work in experimental forms, animated documentary, and mixed-media storytelling. While students focus on a particular technique, they are encouraged to explore all methods and approaches. The program builds up from foundation drawing and design to full-fledged filmmaking.

Regardless of the medium, students make films from day one, culminating in a thesis film their final year. They learn and create through the entire process, from story, design, and animation to post-production and distribution. They will draw, paint, rig, model, texture, light, build, and animate past the edges of their creativity while learning the art and craft of visual storytelling.

Labs and classrooms are filled with the latest software, technology, sound, and screening options, including TVPaint (2D), Maya (3D), Toon Boom Harmony, Dragonframe (stop-motion), and the entire Adobe Creative Suite.

Graduates of the film degree are qualified to begin careers in the industry (feature films, television, and games) and create their own independent films and content for the global festival circuit or distribution. Students and alumni alike have produced award-winning films and made major contributions to the art, technology, and advancement of animation.


  • Animation

  • Movies, TV, and Music

  • Writing and Editing

Typical Job Titles

3D Modeler Art Director
Character Animator Character Designer
Creative Director Experimental Film Artist
Layout Artist Post Production Supervisor
Producer Rigging Artist
Story Artist Visual Development Artist
Visual Effects Compositor Writer

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Admission Requirements

This option is part of the Film and Animation BFA. Please visit the degree program page for admission requirements.

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