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Art History immersion

In the art history immersion students explore the history of art and architecture across multiple cultures and eras. Art historians examine a culture’s artistic production, analyzing form, content, and creative context to better understand how art expresses the intent of the artist, the interpretation of the viewer, or particular cultural values and ideals. Students will use art historical methodologies to evaluate works of art, formulate a history of artistic style, analyze art in relation to its historical context, and engage with the world of contemporary art. 

Notes about this immersion:

  • This immersion is closed to students majoring in 3D digital design, , film and animation, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, interior design, medical illustration, museum studies, new media design, photographic and imaging arts, and studio arts-all options.
Choose three of the following:
   ARTH-311    Art and Architecture of Italy: 1250-1400
   ARTH-312    Art and Architecture of Italy: 1600-1750
   ARTH-317    Art and Architecture in Florence and Rome: 15th Century
   ARTH-318    Art and Architecture in Florence and Rome: 16th Century
   ARTH-364    Art in Paris
   ARTH-366    18th, 19th Century Art
   ARTH-368    20th Century Art: 1900-1950
   ARTH-369    20th Century Art: Since 1950
   ARTH-373    Art of the Last Decade
   ARTH-378    Baroque Painting in Flanders
   ARTH-379    Renaissance Painting in Flanders
   ARTH-392    Theory and Criticism of 20th Century Art
   ARTH-457    Art and Activism
   ARTH-521    The Image
   ARTH-541    Art and Architecture of Ancient Rome
   ARTH-544    Illuminated Manuscripts
   ARTH-550    Topics in Art History
   ARTH-554    Late Medieval Art
   ARTH-558    The Gothic Revival
   ARTH-561    Latin American Art
   ARTH-563    Modern Architecture
   ARTH-566    Early Medieval Art
   ARTH-568    Art and Technology: From the Machine Aesthetic to the Cyborg Age
   ARTH-572    Art of the Americas
   ARTH-573    Conceptual Art
   ARTH-574    Dada and Surrealism
   ARTH-576    Modernism and Its Other: Realism in the Shadow of Expressionism
   ARTH-577    Displaying Gender
   ARTH-578    Edvard Munch
   ARTH-582    Medieval Craft
   ARTH-583    Installation Art
   ARTH-584    Scandinavian Modernism
   ARTH-586    History of Things: Studies in Material Culture
   ARTH-588    Symbols and Symbol-Making