RIT Global students set to present at Imagine RIT

Teams from RIT China, Croatia, Dubai, and Kosovo will be at the Rochester campus with their exhibitions

RIT Croatia

Croatia’s Neretva Delta can be explored from a bird’s-eye view through an interactive exhibit at Imagine RIT.

Students from RIT’s global campuses will be making the trek to the U.S. for this year’s Imagine RIT: Creativity and Innovation Festival held on April 27. Teams from RIT China, RIT Croatia, RIT Dubai and RIT Kosovo will be presenting their exhibits in the Gordon Field House. This is the second year that students from global campuses will be attending the festival in person.

RIT China:

Get Inside the Mind of the Learner: Interact with EEG Technology will give visitors the chance to wear a headband that translates brainwaves into a visual digital experience. Team members reflected on their remote learning experiences during the COVID pandemic to come up with the idea to present data on students’ confusion and concentration to teachers in real time.

The initial steps of the research were truly a global cooperation, with students from RIT Dubai and RIT Kosovo helping in the early stages. The RIT China team will show their predictive model which analyzes cognitive states in real time while the brain receives information, giving insights into comprehension, focus, and potential confusion.

“We reviewed literature and found that single-channel EEG equipment has been used in some studies to detect human emotions, but there are no studies on detecting confusion in people,” said Yancheng Hu, a management information systems student. “After this experiment, I realized the infinite creativity that global cooperation can bring to people, and teamwork can bring power that one person can never achieve.”

RIT Croatia:

The team of students from Croatia will be bringing the vibrant ecosystem of the Neretva Delta region to campus through the interactive exhibit EChOes of the Neretva Delta: wings of the wind. Festivalgoers can engage with scientific equipment to explore the region and the effects wind turbines and solar collectors have on bird life and microclimates.

With a proactive approach to preservation and sustainability, the students hope their work brings attention to environmental issues and helps protect the region.

“It’s an opportunity to work together with like-minded people, share ideas, and maybe stimulate interest in the topics of climate change and biodiversity preservation,” said Leona Sentic, a hospitality and tourism management student. “It’s incredibly exciting to get the chance to present our project and share our findings and research with a larger audience.”

RIT Dubai:

RIT Dubai students will also be giving visitors a glimpse of their country through their exhibit An Interactive Journey: Explore an AI-Powered Model of the Burj Khalifa. The project will feature a 3-foot-tall model of the famous skyscraper and will bring the nighttime skyline of Dubai to life with lights, music, and personalized message displays.

The AI-powered model will showcase a blend of art, technology, and interactivity. Students were inspired by the groundbreaking achievements symbolized by the iconic structure.

RIT Kosovo:

With the goal of making others happy and ensuring everyone has a good time, the team of students from RIT Kosovo will bring their exhibit, JoySphere, to Imagine RIT. Using adaptive AI and sensory integration, the exhibit will create environments catered to individual preferences for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

The exhibit combines the positive energy of Kosovo with innovation and technology, bringing the festive culture and energy to a larger audience.

“We are enthusiastic about promoting happiness and showing our cultural heritage as students,” said Melika Osmani, a computing and information technologies student. “This event holds significant meaning and excitement for us.”

Imagine RIT is free and open to the public. For more information on the event, including a full list of exhibits, go to the Imagine RIT website.

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