Employee Expectations

The health and safety of the RIT community is a priority. All measures put into place are designed to protect our students, faculty, staff, and the greater community.

Employee Vaccination Requirements

RIT’s Mandatory Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Policy applies to all employees regardless of whether they work on-site or remotely, unless the individual qualifies for and receives an exemption.

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Vaccine and Booster Reporting

You will need to provide proof that you have been vaccinated. Acceptable forms of proof include original document, photo documentation, Excelsior Pass or other vaccine passport. Faculty, staff and adjuncts will need to update their vaccination information in Oracle Employee Self-Serve and attach appropriate documentation. This information will be routed to your supervisor for verification purposes.

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Paid Time Off for Employees

Employees can receive up to four hours of paid time off from work to receive the vaccine (including third shots and booster shots) during scheduled work hours without having to use their sick or vacation time.


Reasonable accommodations may be available for individuals who are granted an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination. Exemptions may be granted to employees (1) who cannot be vaccinated due to a medical condition or disability; or (2) based on the employee’s sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance.

Conditions upon which a medical or disability-based exemption may be granted include, but are not limited to, an employee who has or may have a severe allergic reaction, called anaphylaxis, immediately after a first vaccine dose or to a component of the COVID-19 vaccine. Requests for a religious exemption must be based upon a sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance, including those contrary to the practice of immunization. Social, political, or economic philosophies or personal preferences to immunizations do not justify an exemption. Further information on this is located on the HR website RIT Accommodation Policies.

Weekly Testing

Weekly testing of employees who are not yet fully vaccinated (2 weeks after final dose) will continue through the week of December 6, 2021.

Weekly tests should be scheduled so that the result is returned within the same calendar week as the test (Sunday through Saturday). Appointments can be scheduled through Remote Medical International’s Covid-19 Testing Services. Please note that there is an option for time zone selection, so be sure to note the time zone that auto fills and correct, if necessary. There will be a link to the Brio website in the confirmation email to sign up for the results portal, which is required before attending the testing.

Generally the test should take no more than 15-30 minutes. Results will be provided during this timeframe, although you do not need to wait for the results. Notification of the results are provided through RMI’s portal, email, or text.

All COVID test results must be submitted each week in Oracle Employee Self-Service. Information on how to upload the results can be found COVID-19 Test Results User Guide. Please note that the test result documentation must be uploaded with the submission.

Returning to Campus

RIT is open for on-campus instruction, research, campus programs, and services. All faculty and staff not currently working on campus are encouraged to return to campus. RIT is no longer operating under reduced capacity guidelines from New York state. All employees working remotely must consult with their supervisors about commencing work back on campus.

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Preparing for Spring Semester

Employees working on campus in spring 2021 are required to obtain both a negative COVID-19 test and a 2020/2021 seasonal flu vaccine. The COVID-19 test and flu vaccination are not required of employees who will be on campus for a brief visit no more than once a month (e.g. to pick up mail)​ or if they visit campus and remain outdoors.​ Employees with approved accommodations may also be excused from these requirements.

A new remote work attestation must be entered in Oracle for spring for any adjunct working 100% remotely or any regular faculty or staff employee working 100% remotely outside of New York state.

COVID-19 on Campus

If a student tells an RIT employee that they have tested positive for COVID-19, the employee should tell the student to contact the Student Health Center. The contact tracing teams at RIT and at the Monroe County Health Department carefully review individual’s actions and risks to others following notification of a positive COVID-19 test. They will reach out to those who are actual close contacts.

Daily Health Screen

The RIT Daily Health Screen has been discontinued as of July 9. All members of the RIT community are expected to self-monitor for any symptoms related to COVID-19 before coming to campus every day.

Returning to Campus

Before returning to campus for the Fall Semester, RIT is requiring all employees to:

  • Get a COVID-19 test and provide proof of a negative result using the RIT Employee Self Serve portal prior to coming to campus.
  • Take an online training session on protecting yourself from COVID-19. Human Resources is sending instructions for taking this course to all employees.
  • Respond to a daily RIT Health Screen, seven days a week, even if you are not coming to campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

All faculty, staff, and certain visitors age 6 months and older (see full Safety Plan for details) must be vaccinated (initial one- or two-dose regimen). Acceptable vaccines include those approved for use in the U.S., accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or on the World Health Organization Emergency Use List (EUL).

Current RIT employees will need to provide proof of full vaccination in Oracle Employee Self-Serve and attach appropriate documentation. Any new employees/adjuncts will share their vaccination information with their hiring manager, who will fill out the Proof of Vaccination form and send it to hr@rit.edu.

Only medical and religious exemptions will be allowed. Employees who are unable to receive the vaccine for specific medical or religious reasons can follow the employee request for accommodation process. Students unable to receive the vaccine for specific medical or religious reasons can follow the exemption process through the Student Health Center. Visitors are not eligible for an exemption.

The booster requirement continues to be suspended indefinitely. We are monitoring the development of new boosters. We will evaluate future requirements based on how the virus progresses.

COVID-19 vaccines help protect against severe illness, hospitalization and death. The vaccines also help protect against infection. People who are vaccinated may still get COVID-19, but they are much less likely to experience severe symptoms than people who are unvaccinated.

Individuals that are (will be) physically on the RIT Campus for more than 6 consecutive days or more than 10 days in a rolling 4-week period are required to be fully vaccinated. Ensuring compliance with this requirement is the responsibility of the Contractor/Supplier and the sponsoring department.

Students who are unable to attend class in person due to illness or an order of isolation or quarantine should contact their faculty member for guidance on making up any missed work.   

Students who test positive for COVID-19 should report your result to the Student Health Center. You will receive self-care instructions for isolation and will have access to telehealth and in-person student health services through the wellness portal. Currently, CDC and Monroe County Department of Public Health isolation is a minimum of five days, with day 0 as the day of symptom onset or positive test, whichever came first. Isolation may be longer if symptoms persist. Masking is recommended for an additional 5 days. More information is available on the Quarantine and Isolation webpage.

Employees should contact their primary care physician for guidance and follow the COVID-19 Symptom/Exposure/Absence Process Information for Employees on the HR website for details on reporting requirements related to COVID-19.

For-cause testing is available in the Student Health Center. Telephone, secure messaging or Patient Chat are contact options. Students who live in RIT housing are required to report any positive test result to the Student Health Center.

COVID-19 has altered many facets of life for members of the RIT community. These changes can take a toll on our emotional well-being and may result in stress, fear, and/or anxiety. Please be aware that the following resources and services are available to support you.