Employee Expectations

RIT is grateful to our employees for their remarkable and tireless work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional information for employees and managers can be found on the COVID-19 Employee Information and Resources webpage.

Employee Vaccine Reporting

RIT is requiring all employees to report whether or not they have been vaccinated or plan to be vaccinated prior to August 2. If you have already submitted your vaccination status and received confirmation from Oracle, you do not need to take any further action. FAQs on COVID-19 vaccination reporting requirement are available.

If you have not already submitted your vaccination information, you need to let RIT know whether:

  1. You have been vaccinated or are in the process of being vaccinated;
  2. You plan to be vaccinated by August 2; or
  3. You do not plan to be vaccinated by August 2.

Reporting Options

Options for reporting:

  1. Enter your information in Oracle Employee Self-Service
  2. Complete COVID-19 Vaccination Information Form and
    • Drop off to Human Resources on the fifth floor of Eastman Hall, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays;
    • Email to hr@rit.edu; or
    • Give to your supervisor to send to HR
  3. Visit Human Resources on the fifth floor of Eastman Hall, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays, to fill out the form in person.

Paid Time Off for Employees

The state of New York has announced that, through December 31, 2022, employees can receive up to four hours excused time off with pay, per injection, to receive the COVID-19 vaccination during scheduled work hours. 

For nonexempt employees, supervisors should enter NYS COVID19 as the Kronos pay code for absences to receive the COVID-19 vaccination during scheduled work hours.

Exempt employees living in New York state should use the code EX NYS COVID to enter the absence in Oracle through Oracle Employee Self-Service. This captures the absence information in hours but does not impact the employee’s pay.

Returning to Campus

RIT is open for on-campus instruction, research, campus programs, and services. All faculty and staff not currently working on campus are encouraged to return to campus. RIT is no longer operating under reduced capacity guidelines from New York state. All employees working remotely must consult with their supervisors about commencing work back on campus.

Learn more about repopulating campus

Preparing for Spring Semester

Employees working on campus in spring 2021 are required to obtain both a negative COVID-19 test and a 2020/2021 seasonal flu vaccine. The COVID-19 test and flu vaccination are not required of employees who will be on campus for a brief visit no more than once a month (e.g. to pick up mail)​ or if they visit campus and remain outdoors.​ Employees with approved accommodations may also be excused from these requirements.

A new remote work attestation must be entered in Oracle for spring for any adjunct working 100% remotely or any regular faculty or staff employee working 100% remotely outside of New York state.

COVID-19 Testing and Reporting

Employees are to upload COVID-19 test results (positive or negative) into Oracle every time they are tested. Once you have received your test results, log into Oracle’s MyInfo application and select RIT Employee Self-Serve. Using the link “COVID-19 Test Results,” answer the questions in the section and submit the information. You do not need to upload copies of the test results.

COVID-19 on Campus

If a student tells an RIT employee that they have tested positive for COVID-19, the employee should tell the student to contact the Student Health Center. The contact tracing teams at RIT and at the Monroe County Health Department carefully review individual’s actions and risks to others following notification of a positive COVID-19 test. They will reach out to those who are actual close contacts.

Daily Health Screen

The RIT Daily Health Screen has been discontinued as of July 9. All members of the RIT community are expected to self-monitor for any symptoms related to COVID-19 before coming to campus every day.

Returning to Campus

Before returning to campus for the Fall Semester, RIT is requiring all employees to:

  • Get a COVID-19 test and provide proof of a negative result using the RIT Employee Self Serve portal prior to coming to campus.
  • Take an online training session on protecting yourself from COVID-19. Human Resources is sending instructions for taking this course to all employees.
  • Respond to a daily RIT Health Screen, seven days a week, even if you are not coming to campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

RIT strongly encourages all community members to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccinations are readily available in our region and we are all now eligible. We are currently studying the issue of employee requirements.

No. Faculty and staff should go to a testing facility or their personal physician for testing.

Employees testing positive, or residing with someone testing positive, for COVID-19 will be required to report this information using the RIT Employee Self Serve portal. Positive test information will automatically be reported to the Director of RIT’s Environmental Health and Safety.

All employees should follow RIT’s normal process for reporting absences due to illness and RIT’s Short Term Disability process based on their employment category: