Visitors to Campus

Visitors will be allowed at RIT, but all guests are expected to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, including completing a health screen.

Failure to comply with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, and/or the RIT Safety Plan will result in the removal of visitors, contractors, and temporary employees until such time as assurances can be provided that compliance has been achieved.

RIT Safety Plan  
|RIT Ready Plan  

Daily Health Screen

All visitors must complete the Daily Health Screen prior to coming on campus. The screen will provide users with instructions on how to proceed if they are experiencing symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19. Failure to comply will result in the removal of visitors. Visitors, including parents helping with move in, should call 585-438-5254 to access the RIT Daily Health Screen.

Learn more about the Daily Health Screen

RIT Housing Guidelines

Guests are not permitted in on-campus housing prior to confirmation from RIT that the facility may be opened to guests. Once permitted, guests are limited to only RIT students.

  • No more than one guest per resident at any time.
  • Physical distancing and maximum occupancy requirements should be maintained throughout the guest visit.
  • Any guests in the room/apartment must be agreed upon by room/suitemates or the visit must happen in a common area or in a one-person bedroom.
  • Personal aides, nurses, caregivers, or any other reasonable accommodations provided to students with disabilities are not considered guests.

Vendors and Contractors

All contractors and temporary employees are expected to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. For businesses, this includes compliance with industry specific guidelines, both mandatory and recommended best practices, and the RIT Safety Plan. Prior to providing goods and services to RIT, businesses are required to present proof that they have read and understood their obligations to operate in accordance with their industry specific DOH Interim Guidance during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency and RIT-specific guidelines. This information shall be provided to the department engaging the business for services. That department shall maintain this information in accordance with RIT’s Record Management Policy (C22.0).

All deliveries (except for mail deliveries) may occur on campus by approved vendors, provided that the individuals making the deliveries have completed a health assessment prior to arriving on campus.