Courses & Curriculum

Core Program Courses

Students take the core DHSS courses in the College of Liberal Arts

  • Computation and Culture
  • Industrial Origins of the Digital Era
  • Ethics in the Digital Era
  • Media Narrative

These courses provide students with liberal arts skills including critical thinking, problem solving, written and oral communication, and ethical reasoning.

Students take the core technical courses in Golisano College of Information Science and Computing

  • Computational Problem Solving
  • Web Development & Mobile I
  • Web Development & Mobile II
  • Database and Data Modeling
  • Intro to Geospatial Technologies

These courses provide students with the computational skills to develop websites and manage data.

Students take the core design courses from the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences

  • New Media Design Digital Survey I
  • New Media Design Digital Survey II

These courses provide students with the aesthetic foundations of website design and data visualization.


Program Electives

In addition to core program courses, students may select from among a wide variety of professional electives. These include:

COMM223 Digital Design in Communication
COMM356 Critical Practice in Social Media
COMM263 Computer Assisted Reporting
COMM343 Technology-Mediated Communication
COMM 357 Communications, Gender, and Media
COMM461 Multiplatform Journalism 
CRIM-290 Computer Crime
ENGL-215 Text and Code
ENGL-315 Digital Literature
ENGL-351 Language Technology
ENGL-373 Media Adaptation
ENGL-374 Games and Literature
ENGL-375 Storytelling Across Media
ENGL-389 Digital Creative Writing Workshop
ENGL-450 Free and Open Source Culture
ENGL-581 Natural Language Processing
FNRT-383 Traumatic Images
FNRT-384 Art of Dying
HIST-324 Oral History
HIST-326 Digital History
HIST-330 Deafness and Technology
HIST-480 Global Information Age
MUSE-359 Cultural Informatics
MUSE-225 Museums & the Digital Age
MUSE-360 Visitor Engagement & Museum Technology
PHIL 307 Philosophy of Technology
PHIL 314 Philosophy of Vision and Imaging
STSO-441 Cyborg Theory

We recommend students work with an advisor to use the electives as a way to explore different areas of focused interest. This list will grow and more offerings will become available every year.

Project-Based Courses

It is important to reflect critically about how digital technologies change the way we think and act, read and write, watch and interact. It is equally important to take part as “makers” of these new ways of doing and being. In the last two years of the program, students take project-based courses, like:

ENGL-386 World Building Workshop
ENGL-422 Maps, Spaces and Places
ENGL-543 Game-based Fiction Workshop
ENGL-584 Spoken Language Processing
FNRT-376 Visual Culture Theory
FNRT-377 Imag(in)ing Rochester
IGME-580 IGM Production Studio
IGME-581 Innovation and Invention
MUSE-354 Exhibition Design
NMDE-201 New Media Design Elements II
NMDE-203 New Media Design Interactive II
NMDE-302 New Media Design Graphical User Interface

In their last year, students complete a two semester capstone sequence, DHSS 489 and 490.

By combining General Education requirements and program goals, students will find immersions, minors, and even the possibility for double majors with this program. Advisors will help you “round out” the program with these options.

Finally, this program highlights the RIT vision for career placement by requiring an Internship or co-op education experience (DHSS 499). Our RIT offices will assist you in finding these opportunities.

Welcome to your DHSS program. We invite you to come help us make it yours!

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