Lisa M. Hermsen

Professor Lisa M. Hermsen currently holds the Caroline Werner Gannett Chair for the Humanities. She served as the primary author on the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Program Proposal and continues to support the program through endowed activities like speaker series, THAT Camps, Critical Game Studies seminars, and faculty development activity. Professor Hermsen is active in teaching and co-teaching the introductory courses to the DHSS program and enhancing project-based pedagogy across the DHSS curriculum.

Prior to accepting the Caroline Werner Endowed Chair, Professor Hermsen served as English Department Chair. Professor Hermsen’s primary area of research has been the cultural history of medicine and psychiatry. She published Manic Minds: Mania’s Mad History and Its Neuro-Future in 2011. Since then, she has explored other means of publishing, working on digital projects like “Hysteria” (a game about of the Yellow Wallpaper); “Pox in the City” (a game about Jerner’s smallpox vaccine); and the “Buffalo State Insane Asylum: A Purposeful Recovery.”

Professor Hermsen’s current interests are in the history of the “imaging moment,” and in new imaging science methods for recovering texts that have been damaged or overwritten and thus unreadable in normal lighting conditions. This interest in the history and future of the imaging moment correlates with her emerging work with media archeology and the history of the book, broadly conceived.

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Professor, Caroline Werner Gannett Endowed Chair English, COLA

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