Pre-Law Advising Program

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A pre-law advising program designed to maximize your chances of admission to law school. The program includes personalized advising, LSAT preparation, academic counseling, and a time table for law school admission.

RIT’s pre-law advising program is designed to help you build the core competencies needed to become a strong candidate for law school admission.

Unlike medical school and graduate programs in the health sciences, which outline specific and necessary courses required for admission, there is no required course work for students interested in applying to law school. Instead, law school programs look for students who can demonstrate academic excellence, leadership experience, outstanding written and oral communication skills, and high-level competency in analytical and critical thinking.

What is the pre-law advising program?

RIT’s pre-law advising program provides personalized guidance as well as recommended course work to help you become an exceptional candidate for law school admission. Students can major in any undergraduate program at RIT and participate in the pre-law program. Academic advisors assist you in designing your plan of study, which will ensure that you complete the course work required of your major as well as course work that builds and strengthens the core competencies required for law school admission. This includes guidance on selecting elective courses, as well as minors and immersions. Advisors also provide guidance on extracurricular activities and other opportunities that help you develop and sharpen your leadership skills and other capabilities.

What can you expect from the pre-law advising program?

The pre-law advising program is a set of offerings centered around preparation for law school admission. They include:

  • Personalized Academic Advising
  • LSAT Preparation
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Events
  • Pre-Law Timetable

Get more in depth information about the pre-law advising program, including information on how to participate in the program.

RIT/Syracuse University College of Law 3+3 Option

RIT has partnered with Syracuse University’s College of Law to offer an accelerated 3+3 BS/JD option for highly capable students. This option provides a fast-track pathway to law school in which students earn a bachelor’s degree and a juris doctorate degree in six years. In the 3+3 option, students interested in the following RIT majors–advertising and public relations, communication, criminal justice, economics, international and global studies, journalism, philosophy, political science, psychology, public policy, and sociology and anthropology–may apply to the option directly. Successful applicants are offered admission to RIT and given conditional acceptance into Syracuse University’s College of Law. Learn more about the RIT/Syracuse University College of Law 3+3 Option, including admission requirements and frequently asked questions.