Metals and Jewelry Design Option - Studio Arts BFA Option

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The metals and jewelry design option provides a stimulating space for students to learn metalsmithing and design techniques. You will learn key processes as you work to find your personal artistic voice. You are exposed to everything from traditional metals techniques to advanced design technologies. Our curriculum develops your creativity to its fullest potential as you explore the foundational and advanced metal crafting. As an option in the studio arts BFA program, you will have the freedom to explore additional art fields to expand your understanding of aesthetics and design. The metals and jewelry degree option expands your imagination and problem-solving skills to prepare you for an exciting and fulfilling career.

The metals and jewelry design option focuses on design, aesthetics, as well as material and process mastery. Self-discovery is at the heart of student assignments, projects, and group discussions. This option develops student’s creative potential through a broad introduction to materials and production techniques before moving on to advanced techniques in various metals. This option is part of the Studio Arts BFA program.


  • Performing and Fine Arts

  • Design

  • Fashion

Typical Job Titles

Accessory Designer Accessory Jewelry Designer
Apprentice/Employee for Artist or Master Craftsperson Blacksmith Corporate Jewelry Designer
Custom Jewelry Designer Design Consultant
Faculty/Instructor Fine Jeweler
Goldsmith Jewelry Design Entrepreneur
Jewelry Design Repairperson Jewelry Salesperson
Jewelry Technician Metalsmith
Product Designer Self-employed Artist, Artisan and/or Designer
Studio Jewelry Artist Studio Fine Artist

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Admission Requirements

This option is part of the Studio Arts BFA. Please visit the degree program page for admission requirements.

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Latest News

  • February 20, 2020

    silver cuff-style bracelet.

    Student Spotlight: Student creates artwork to sell at Shop One

    Maddy Schoenfeld says that the beauty isn’t in the creation of the piece, but in the experience of the wearer. The fourth-year metals and jewelry design student tries to incorporate this idea into every piece of artwork that she sells at Shop One, the contemporary design shop on campus.

  • February 2, 2020

    woman sitting next to the silver football piece of Vince Lombardi Trophy.

    Tiffany's Super Bowl trophy  

    CBSNews talks to Rachel Arday '14 (metals and jewelry design), a silversmith at Tiffany's and Co. who worked on the Vince Lombardi Trophy for this year's Super Bowl winner.