Rochester Institute of Technology College of Science

Interdisciplinary Approach

You will have access to laboratories and research centers that include faculty from many fields across the university.

Collaborative Environment

You will work alongside faculty members and meet regularly with active graduate student groups that provide both academic support and social opportunities.

Technical Foundation

RIT's graduate curriculum helps students develop a high degree of competency through independent laboratory and field research.

Industrial Connections

Graduates of RIT's MS and Ph.D. programs frequently cross over from academia to positions in government labs and in the research divisions of leading corporations.

Global Reach

RIT is home to a diverse student population with more than 1,900 international students from more than 101 countries. International students comprise 10 percent of RIT's student population. These students are supported by active clubs such as the Global Union, cultural events, and the Center for Religious Life that serves all of the world's major faiths.

FInancial Aid

Graduate scholarships and assistantships are available. Students should inquire with their individual academic programs.