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Nationally ranked business programs prepare you to excel at the intersection of business and technology. RIT’s business and management programs combine technology and entrepreneurial thinking so you can deliver innovative solutions in any industry.

Business analytics are becoming essential problem-solving tools in the accounting and finance professions.

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RIT’s accounting master's degree pulls together important areas of technology, finance, strategy, and compliance to help you advance your career. In addition to gaining the technological skills needed to design, operate, and control accounting information systems–skills that are highly sought after by employers– you also will be prepared to sit for the Certified Public Accountancy (CPA) exam, which our graduates consistently score higher on than state and national averages.

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Gain the preparation you need for an exciting career in accounting-related occupations.

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The administrative support technology major prepares you for a career in a variety of business settings including government, education, corporate, and health care. You will receive a foundation in computer software applications, business office procedures and document preparation as well as opportunities to develop appropriate professional interpersonal and human relations skills. This program is only available to students seeking admission to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

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The AAS degree in business administration focuses on general business operations and the critical decision-making process required for success in today's fast-paced work environment. Students learn the fundamentals of business planning, interpersonal skills, and communication skills needed to succeed on the job. The program blends practical business experiences with theory and teaches students how to apply these concepts in actual business situations through case studies, interactive sessions, and cooperative education work experience. This degree is for students contemplating careers in the fields of marketing, sales, retail, advertising, banking, management, human resources, hospitality, and other related fields. Students receive leadership training in addition to becoming proficient in the use of computer software applications necessary to succeed in the business world. Decision-making skills will be stressed throughout the program as well as consensus-building skills that support working in team situations. Graduates will find employment in private and public sector entry-level positions. This program is only available to students seeking admission to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

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Earning your master of business administration degree gives you the freedom to customize the program to meet your career goals. Combing a strong foundation in business fundamentals with technology infused into core courses, your MBA will help you stand out and enhance your personal brand. Choose from a range of concentrations including business analytics, management information systems, supply chain management, as well as joint concentrations with other RIT colleges, such as engineering management and health systems administration.

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Determine an organization’s overall wealth, profitability, and liquidity, and help companies with short- and long-term financial business decisions.

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Explore the management, creation, and study of money, banking, investments, assets, and liabilities, and the impact of technology on financial systems, cash-flow analysis, capital markets, financial decision-making, and forecasting.

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Understand the financial, political, cultural, and economic environments to influence an organization’s business strategy and performance in a globally connected world.

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The many facets of management—from motivating employees to effective communication to leading teams—form the essential skills that define an effective leader.

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Explore the complete business-consumer relationship, from internet marketing, social media, and professional selling to brand awareness, international marketing, and the impact of consumer behavior.

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Gain universal business and technology skills that go beyond accounting and financial management.


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The executive MBA is a challenging program designed to accelerate the careers of experienced, high-performing professionals with six or more years of business experience. It is ideal for creative, innovative individuals with established careers who are looking for proven and effective methods and strategies to propel them further up the career ladder or transition into a new field. Students master executive skills such as strategic and cross–functional thinking, utilizing data to drive decision making, client consulting, and leadership. They learn from knowledgeable and professional instructors and from the motivated and diverse peer group enrolled in the program. The curriculum encourages analytical thinking and problem solving, and places a strong emphasis on collaboration and group interaction.

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The online executive MBA is designed for mid-to-upper level professionals seeking to hone their business and leadership skills in order to enhance their performance, assume greater responsibilities, and effectively position themselves for future opportunities. The flexibility of the online format cultivates collaboration yet allows for distance learning. At RIT, we know that executives want more than a simple transfer of business and management theory and concepts. They want a high level of engagement with faculty and especially with their peers. They want the opportunity to discuss, argue, compete, and collaborate with other seasoned managers on strategic and topical issues and projects. These are the essential features of the online executive MBA, and one that has direct and immediate applicability to their own professional development.

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Today's businesses collect an incredible amount of data from nearly every customer touch point, from point-of-sale transactions, customer service interactions, social media feedback, search engine entries, market research activities, sales data, demographic information, and more. As of now, only a tiny portion of this data is analyzed. By getting a business analytics master’s degree, you will become skilled in using big data to create powerful solutions to help companies increase sales, reach new customers, develop new products, enhance customer experiences, and more. You will acquire a broad and in-depth training in multiple disciplines related to business analytics, including management information systems (MIS), marketing, accounting, finance, management, and engineering. The program prepares you to enter one of today’s top business careers.

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The AS degree in business is an Associate+Bachelor’s degree program designed to prepare deaf and hard-of-hearing students to enter and successfully complete a bachelor’s degree program in Saunders College of Business. Saunders College is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB), the premier accrediting organization for business schools. Upon completion of the AS program, students with a minimum GPA of 2.5 will enroll in Saunders College of Business, where they complete their bachelor’s degree in business administration–accounting, business administration–finance, business administration–international business, business administration–management, business administration–marketing, management information systems, or new media marketing. Admission to this major is available during the fall semester only. This program is only available to students seeking admission to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

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Explore your interests in business, finance, marketing, or management before you declare a major. The business exploration option gives you an opportunity to explore your interests in business while you complete foundation courses. You can sample courses in a variety of majors while you identify the program that best meets your interests and career aspirations.

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The business administration program prepares you for a career in general business operations. You’ll learn the fundamentals of business planning, interpersonal skills, and communication skills needed to succeed on the job. You’ll also receive leadership training in addition to becoming proficient in the use of computer software applications necessary to succeed in the business world. This degree is for students interested in the fields of marketing, sales, retail, advertising, banking, management, human resources, hospitality, and other related business disciplines. This program is only available to students seeking admission to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

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Quantitative analysts are in high demand. Become an asset to any company as you learn computational strategies to generate profits and reduce company risks.

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The master of science degree in construction management is specifically designed for experienced construction management professionals interested in advancing into leadership positions within the field. The program may also accommodate recent graduates of undergraduate programs in construction management or related disciplines.

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Demand is high for professionals skilled in both analytics and computing. Enhance your skill set by learning to manage large-scale data sets in this highly applied program.  

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Work with people of all ages, cultures, and economic means to apply nutritional science to help their clients address health, nutritional, and wellness needs.

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Combine math and statistics with your desire to impact policy and social issues to research, collect, and analyze information, monitor economic trends, and develop forecasts to guide industries in making critical decisions.

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Combine your engineering knowledge with business insights to successfully manage an engineering or technology focused company.

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Earning your masters in entrepreneurship and innovative ventures means learning to lead the way in introducing unique solutions to global problems. RIT’s well renowned resources in business, science, technology, engineering, and the arts make it the center of innovation. You are encouraged to take advantage of these resources, including the Simone Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, as you learn to bring new ideas to the marketplace. You will graduate with the business and technical expertise needed to thrive in both large incumbent firms as well as new start-up ventures.

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Acquire a foundation in the managerial aspects of developing and implementing environmental health and safety management systems to help companies meet their sustainability and safety standards.

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Encompassing corporate finance, investment management, banking, insurance, consulting, and more, the finance master’s degree unlocks the world of finance and prepares you for managerial careers in corporate finance, investment analysis and portfolio management, financial consulting, and financial institutions. The program is specifically designed to prepare you to take the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) exam – the most respected and recognized investment management designation in the world. A highly flexible program, students can choose electives in a wide range of areas such as analytics to enhance your marketability and increase your job prospects.

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Gain the finance and management skills needed to advance your career in the health care industry.

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Learn the fundamentals of the U.S. health care system, the organizations that delivery services, how various services are financed, and the management and leadership skills needed within these organizations to effectively serve individual patients and the larger community.

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By pairing your knowledge of the complex health care industry with strong management skills, the MS in health systems management prepares you to create solutions for the challenges that are facing this ever-changing field of the business of health care.

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The associate in science degree in hospitality and service management is an Associate+Bachelor’s degree program designed to prepare deaf and hard-of-hearing students to enter and successfully complete a baccalaureate program in the hospitality and tourism management program. This program is only available to students seeking admission to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

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Management and hospitality combine with technology, computing, and data analytics to improve the guest experience and reshape the hospitality and tourism industry.

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Draw conclusions about models and theories associated with hospitality and tourism in a global environment; and analyze, evaluate, and apply hospitality and tourism data from diverse sources in this dynamic degree program. With a master’s degree in hospitality and tourism management, you’ll be prepared for multiple mid-level service management and training director positions as you create and present new hospitality and tourism services through effective interpersonal, oral, and written communication. Graduates are ready to step into multiple service management and training director positions.

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Get the skills needed to help an organization with their workforce needs. By incorporating a global focus into the master's of human resources degree, RIT ensures that our graduates can maximize human potential, increase productivity, and retain great talent. You will be able to successfully plan and execute corporate strategy related to human capital, develop workplace talent, retain valuable employees, and much more. Whether you’re starting a career in human resources or enhancing your competencies in training, instructional design, performance management, and employee development, you’ll graduate as a strategic leader of the human potential in your organization.

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Utilize the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) process of Lean Six Sigma to improve processes and enhance your qualifications to broaden your career development.

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Computing security, database design, networking, and IT combine to create information systems that gather and analyze business data to improve an organization’s operational efficiency, add value to existing products, and help managers make crucial decisions.

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Gain the problem-solving skills needed for success in a variety of management positions. Designed both for students without business experience or those who have earned an undergraduate business degree, the program prepares professionals for management roles within a range of industries. The management masters features four tracks –global management and supply chain management, product and service development, leadership, and a flexible option – that enable you to customize your degree to meet your career goals. Through real-world experience, you’ll be prepared for a rewarding career in management.

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Providing experienced engineers and business professionals with the leadership need to optimize business operations in a range of organizations and industries.

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Deepen your understanding of the importance of graphic communication and immerse yourself in the technologies that are changing the industry.

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Internet marketing, imaging, graphic arts, information systems, social media, and search engine optimization combine to create cutting-edge digital business and marketing solutions.

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Understand corporate culture and develop the skills needed to oversee and manage organizational change.

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Understand how technology influences the way that people learn as you explore and apply the theories of instructional design to corporate teaching and training.

Learn More about Organizational Learning Adv. Cert. 

Engineering and business principles combine to give you the knowledge you need to lead product development teams, and ultimately step into leadership positions in your career.

Learn More about Product Development MS 

Gain the skills and knowledge to successfully plan, organize, and execute a range of projects for your organization.

Learn More about Project Management Adv. Cert. 

Develop an in-depth understanding of how people learn. In the advanced certificate in service leadership you’ll learn the theories of instructional design, including the use of technology and its impact on curriculum design, and the development of courses for both classroom and online learning. The certificate is appropriate for chief knowledge officers, training directors, personnel new to the teaching field, and those who wish to embark on a career in the dynamic field of corporate and organizational training.

Learn More about Service Leadership and Innovation Adv. Cert. 

Having a 360-degree view of customers, the ability to formulate and execute strategic initiatives, and being a visionary leadership that all companies need to be successful – these are the goals the master's degree in service leadership and innovation.

Learn More about Service Leadership and Innovation MS 

Manage the flow of goods and services around the world by understanding the logistics, planning, inventory demands, transportation, and execution behind moving products from farms and production facilities to their final destinations in warehouses and stores.

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Today's entrepreneur faces a highly competitive and constantly changing marketplace driven by continuous innovation in technology, business models, execution, and strategy. In order to succeed, the new entrepreneur must develop an understanding of these dynamics and how their interplay creates value for a new venture.

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Successful businesses thrive on employees who are both motivated and skilled. Improve business performance by learning to leverage the human capital of an organization.

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