Health and Life Sciences

Today’s health care professionals are required to be knowledgeable in more areas than ever before – they need to be proficient in their chosen field, committed to helping others, and driven to take on the unique challenges facing modern health care delivery. By providing comprehensive instruction, hands-on undergraduate research experiences, and practical clinical and internship placements, you’ll be ready to make a positive impact on patient care, the analysis of health care data, and to improving the health care system.

Biology and computing combine to analyze big data collected by the health industry to discover, diagnose, and treat a wide range of medical conditions.

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Explore the unique combination of biotechnology, programming, and computational mathematics to combat illness and create novel technologies for industry.

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Building on recent advances in the molecular, cellular, and ecological disciplines, modern biology offers a rich framework that can launch your career or propel you to graduate school.

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Develop an integrative understanding of the human body as the foundation for hands-on research experience, to pursue medical or dental school, or continue graduate study in a variety of health care fields or research positions in biomedical science.

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Harness technology advancements and biomolecular processes to research and develop technologies in genetics, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and vaccine development, environment and energy, forensic science, genetic counseling, and more to improve human health.

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Examine and identify the body for abnormalities and diseases in real time using skills that can be applied in a range of health care settings.

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Dive deeper into the different disciplines of sonography – including abdominal, obstetrical, small parts examination, and more – as you further your understanding of ultrasound technology.


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Work with people of all ages, cultures, and economic means to apply nutritional science to help their clients address health, nutritional, and wellness needs.

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Develop an expertise in examining the heart using ultrasound technology as you gain the skills necessary to excel in this exciting health care field.

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Scientifically address issues of health and fitness by focusing on how people can recover from the unhealthy effects of chronic lifestyle diseases and on training athletes to extend and expand their performance.

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Immediately join the workforce as a fitness professional while giving yourself a deeper understanding of the human body and its respective functions.

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The AS degree in general science is designed to prepare deaf and hard-of-hearing students who are close to, but not fully ready for, direct entry into a baccalaureate-level program in the sciences. The degree is a pathway for completing the course work taken during the first two years of a BS degree program in the College of Science or the College of Health Sciences and Technology. This AS degree serves as a bridge program for qualified students based on academic transcripts, admission test scores, and other evidence that support a reasonable expectation of success in the baccalaureate program. By combining preparatory studies in math and English with baccalaureate-level science, math, and liberal arts courses, students can qualify to transfer as juniors into a BS program in biochemistry, biology, biomedical sciences, chemistry, or environmental science depending on the course work taken for the AS degree. Students acquire the foundational skills necessary for success in the scientific field of their choice as they also develop skills and knowledge in communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and mathematics. This program is only available to students seeking admission to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

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Gain the finance and management skills needed to advance your career in the health care industry.

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The MS degree in health care interpretation is designed to meet the demand for nationally-certified sign language interpreters who wish to work in health care environments.

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Demand is high for professionals who are well versed in applying computing and information technology solutions to the management of health care information and patient data.

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Learn the fundamentals of the U.S. health care system, the organizations that delivery services, how various services are financed, and the management and leadership skills needed within these organizations to effectively serve individual patients and the larger community.

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By pairing your knowledge of the complex health care industry with strong management skills, the MS in health systems management prepares you to create solutions for the challenges that are facing this ever-changing field of the business of health care.

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Combining art and science to create anatomical and surgical sketches for instructional illustrations, courtroom exhibitions, computer graphics, and more—all to aid the understanding of medical and health conditions.

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Collaborating with scientists and physicians, medical illustrators transform complex information into visual images that are used in education, research, patient care, public relations, legal cases, and marketing efforts.

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Combining nutrition, biology, chemistry, and behavioral health to design and administer health, nutritional, and wellness programs in industries and settings as diverse as athletics, hospitality, education, and federal nutrition programs.

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Provide diagnostic and therapeutic patient care by eliciting medical histories, conducting physical examinations, diagnosing illnesses, determining treatment, providing medical advice, and much more.

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