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The Research in Science & Citizenship program has two phases - two weeks of online pre-departure coursework followed by 10 weeks of in-person coursework at RIT Croatia. Coursework focuses on building research skills, global citizenship, and opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration and communication. You will learn research methodology and complete an independent research project based on your academic and professional interests and goals.

You will take two courses, earning seven credits. Classes are taught by RIT Croatia faculty in English.

Online Pre-Departure Coursework

Before you arrive in Croatia, you will participate in two weeks of pre-program online coursework, giving you a foundation and introduction to your research projects.

Coursework in Croatia

The research project, overseen by a faculty mentor, is the program's core element and allows you to employ research methods in a cultural setting and explore challenges and solutions on a global scale. The skills and knowledge embedded in these courses are foundational for STEM majors.

ENVS 151 - Scientific Inquiries Environmental Science (4 credits) 
Taught by Dr. Marlena Cukteras, Lecturer 
An integrated approach to the interrelated, interdisciplinary principles of environmental science through case studies, site visits, and field work. Through assigned readings, classroom discussion and case studies dealing with global environmental issues and the environmental issues related to Croatia's Dalmatian coast, students will learn how to critically analyze environmental problems from a multidisciplinary perspective and propose solutions. 

SOIS 497 - Special Topics: Research in a Cultural Context (3 credits) 
Taught by Rebecca Charry, Senior Lecturer
Seeking to understand the cultural norms and values in society are key components to social science research. In this course, students will have the opportunity to explore a city outside of the U.S. and apply methodological approaches learned in the course.  


Dr. Marlena Cukteras is many things: a physicist, a biologist, a marine scientist, an environmentalist, and a friend. But if you ask her, she would always describe herself as an educator. Ever since she was young, she was drawn to the natural sciences. Although her first love was physics, she soon realized that the future lies in the interdisciplinary world and was the main reason she pursued a Ph.D. in Biology and Marine Sciences. Over the past 20 years, besides being a high school and college professor, she has been involved with numerous NGOs, working to preserve the natural reserves of the Dubrovnik-Neretva and Herzegovina counties. She has also led and been actively engaged with over 50 EU-funded projects, all aimed at preserving protected areas and regionally implementing EU standards. Working with students at RIT Croatia is a continuation of her efforts to protect the natural wonders of this region for younger generations. Dr. Cukteras draws her energy and inspiration from her students, who she often says have the power to change the world.

Professor Rebecca Charry Roje loves words and has dedicated her professional life to exploring language as the basis of human thought and expression. Born and raised in the United States, she moved to Dubrovnik in 2001 to teach English composition, literature, and academic research methods at Rochester Institute of Technology's Croatia campus.  Today, she is proud to call Croatia home and to live a genuinely bilingual and multicultural life in the beautiful town of Dubrovnik. Her research interests include applied linguistics, language contact, Global English, digital communication, and intercultural competence. In addition to numerous publications and presentations, she is the author of a TEDx talk on the future of Global English. Before joining RIT Croatia, she worked as a journalist at The Washington Times and The Birmingham (Ala.) Post-Herald, covering city government, schools, and the arts. She holds a Master of Arts in English from Georgetown University (Washington, DC) and a Bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from Haverford College.