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Lily Mazur
Lily Mazur

RIT Faculty-Led: Arts, Media & Technology - Malmo, Sweden

Study Abroad in Three Words: Will always recommend

Being abroad makes me want to continue to be involved with the global community. I want to continue to see more and more of the world, as well as being actively involved in contributing to the technology that connects everyone despite the distance.

Cailey Bardwell
Cailey Bardwell

SAI: John Cabot University - Rome, Italy

Study Abroad in Three Words: An unforgettable experience.

When I was a senior in high school, I went on my school's Europe trip where I traveled all across France and Italy. I absolutely fell in love with traveling and knew instantly that I wanted to do more if it. It was then that I decided I wanted to study abroad in college. I knew it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in another country and travel to amazing places.

Studying abroad was a huge step outside of my comfort zone. I did not go with anyone I knew, and I had never been away from home for such a long period of time. At first, this was terrifying. However, studying abroad taught me just how rewarding these situations can be. There is nothing like seeing beautiful places and experiencing new cities and cultures first-hand.  It taught me to follow my heart, despite how scary something may seem. I learned how to solve problems unlike any that I had ever had to solve before. Taking this leap turned out to be the greatest experience of my life and taught me more about myself that I could have ever imagined.

My study abroad experience helped me to see the world beyond the United States. We often get so wrapped up in the things going on in our own country that we tend to turn our backs on the rest of the world. Living abroad opened my eyes and showed me that there are so many other countries out there filled with different cultures and ways of life. Acknowledging and embracing these differences in the things we do can have a huge impact on the world.

Jonathan Cabrera
Jonathan Cabrera

Faculty-Led International Studies Seminar: The Deaf Community in Japan - Tokyo, Japan

Study Abroad in Three Words: It was awesome.

I chose to study abroad because I wanted to experience something new, have the opportunities to network in other countries, make new friends, and also learn new languages such as Japanese and Japanese Sign Language.

My study abroad experience has affected my career goals by making me more motivated. It has given me the confidence to pursue more learning, not just academically but culturally, and to explore the society around me. It has also given me confidence to expand my horizons by networking with more people and sharing ideas and knowledge.

My proudest academic achievement from studying abroad is making new friends who were willing to teach me Japanese Sign Language and gave me advice to succeed in their country.

Study abroad has helped me grow to become a better person, to develop new skills related to engineering and to seek opportunities at a new university. I always wanted to work abroad so this was a head start for me to start looking for a new experience.

The surprising part of studying abroad in Japan was that it has a dedicated university for deaf students to help them find jobs based on their majors. Japan does not have the same opportunities that America does for the deaf since deaf culture in Japan is less prevalent and not many people have knowledge of it.

My study abroad experience has helped me to become a global citizen by gaining knowledge and more skills for me to share with everyone back home to make a world a better place.

Christina Chan
Christina Chan

Arcadia: Queensland University of Technology - Queensland, Australia

Study Abroad in Three Words: Exhilarating, Spontaneous, Extravagant

I chose to study abroad because I heard amazing things about Australia and I wanted to study in a world class city. Additionally, I chose Queensland University of Technology (QUT) because it has a great advertising program, which is what I am studying.

My study abroad experience has helped me to be a headstrong person in order to reach my personal and professional goals. It has reassured me that I want to pursue a career in experiential marketing or entertainment marketing! Study abroad also taught me to enjoy life and appreciate what you have because not everyone has the opportunity to study abroad.  My proudest academic achievement while abroad was devoting myself to studying most weekends while others ventured out exploring.

I made lifelong friends most of whom I am still in touch with today. I tune into Australian news online because I find it intriguing and funny. I learned new marketing trends that I was exposed to when I was abroad before it even trended in the US. Also, when I was down in Brisbane, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was filming down at the Gold Coast! How cool is that? 

I was proud to represent the United States at QUT and in Australia. Overall, I have learned to be a respectful, responsible citizen and uphold myself to be the best possible person I can be! A special thank you to my friends and family as my journey abroad would not have been possible without you!

Lacey Cook
Lacey Cook

RIT Croatia - Dubrovnik, Croatia

Study Abroad in Three Words: I found myself.

I decided to study abroad because I wanted to experience something during my college career that was really outside of the box and take an opportunity that would change me and get me outside of my comfort zone.

As soon as I got to Croatia I realized what I was missing and what I wanted to incorporate into my life: a second language. I was surprised by how behind I was in this area. Only knowing one language and being in a place where everyone else knew at least 2 if not 3 or 4 was mind boggling to me and I knew immediately that I did not want to waste any time in that area. I learned some Croatian and then throughout my travels found my love for Italy and I began learning Italian on my phone with an app called Duo-lingo. Upon returning the following fall I started taking an actual Italian course and am now making it my immersion.

My proudest academic achievement from my study abroad program is being motivated to take a language and then getting an A in the course as well as being involved in almost all of the extracurricular activities. I am also very proud that I was elected Director of Programming for RIT Global Union on campus while I was overseas so that when I came back for the 2015 fall semester, I was able to plan events for all the international students on campus. 

After having this study abroad experience I found my passion within the travel industry and forming international relationships. I have so much excitement when it comes to exploring the world and the people who inhabit it, I can't wait to plan my next adventure and would love to plan them for others to enjoy as well. 

Studying abroad has changed my mindset completely. It has encouraged me to become the most well-rounded person that I can be, to enlighten others about the world around us and the opportunities waiting to be taken. Before study abroad I was outgoing and driven but now I am more confident than ever. I know exactly what I want to do and accomplish in life and won't stop until I get it. I have truly had my entire life touched by RIT's study abroad opportunities, so much so that I became a Study Abroad Global Ambassador and did my senior thesis on studying abroad. 

Studying abroad has taught me to chase your dreams, no matter how big or how small, and to not let anything or anyone hold you back from accomplishing what you want. It taught me to be open-minded, to accept change and to make the most out of everything life throws at you. Most of all it taught me to take chances and to never be scared of what the future holds.

I consider myself a global citizen and would not be so if it wasn’t for studying and living overseas. I have created relationships with people all over the world. Studying abroad enabled me to see things from a different perspective.  Having more than one view makes it easier to work with people as well as teach others to be open minded; I am now the best team leader I have ever been. I am able to approach any situation with determination and I learned to never take anything for granted. Studying abroad has made me the most outgoing and kind version of myself and I am more eager learn about other cultures and other ways of life all around the world.

Mallory Cross
Mallory Cross

University of Applied Sciences at Hogeschool Utrecht - The Netherlands

Study abroad is such a wonderful experience that cannot be valued enough. There is so much more to learn out there that we must take advantage of!

I studied abroad twice, once in the Netherlands and once in Italy. Both times I studied each country’s signed languages, which will help me be more qualified as an ASL interpreter and make me a more attractive employee. With this experience, I will also have travel work opportunities.

My proudest academic achievement was excelling in these other signed languages and talking to people who I otherwise wouldn't have a common language with.

I am now more independent and more comfortable in new places, even if I'm by myself. This may sound like a small thing but the world is so big and it's easy to take the wrong road but having tools to help you get back on your path is so helpful!

Felicia Hill
Felicia Hill

CIEE Business & Culture - Barcelona, Spain

Study Abroad in 3 Words: Amazing. Delicious. Awakening.

I chose to study abroad in order to experience a new culture and environment; studying abroad allows the deepest form of immersion into a different way of life for American students.

My experience has personally solidified how much value I place on the inclusion of working internationally in whatever job I take post-graduation. It opened my eyes to seeing how affordable and possible life abroad truly is.

My proudest academic achievement was successfully experiencing an entirely new field of study. As a finance major, I rarely stray away from business classes. However, I was extremely excited to take a class called “Catalonia & Spain Through the Arts.” This class was totally opposite from my core classes and it really helped me become a more well-rounded student.

Studying abroad taught me that I was able function without constant connection to my phone. I felt comfortable without calling home all the time and could navigate places and translate languages without Google.

I was most surprised that the homesickness that hit me in the beginning of my trip disappeared by the middle and by the end I was rarely thinking of home. Returning back to the states was so much harder than leaving!

Katia Hudspeth
Katia Hudspeth

Faculty-Led Travel Policy/Hospitality Study Abroad Tour - Dubai, UAE

Study Abroad in 3 Words: Magnificent, Liberating, Eye-Opening

I chose to study abroad because I was curious about experiencing the culture of the Middle East. I had talked to people who had gone to Dubai, U.A.E., and was fascinated with what they would tell me, as it was nothing like any other culture I have encountered before. After spending a week there, I can truly say it is the most interesting blend of the very traditional and very modern. I was surprised as to how fast 17 hours on the plane went and how much we got to do for the price we paid for our program; we got to do so much in 7 days! With Dubai being Dubai, I didn't think it would be that affordable!

Dubai is a hospitality industry hot spot at the moment and will continue to grow even more in the future. As a Hospitality and Service Management student, this trip was definitely useful and insightful and allowed me to get a taste of the opportunities available in terms of jobs and a career as a young professional in the industry. Our trip was geared towards exploring the field, networking with executives of many high-end hotels, and getting insider insight into how the hospitality business is run. Dubai is a great place to live and work and hopefully this is something I will be able to accomplish in the near future.

My proudest academic achievement from my study abroad experience was researching the culture ahead of time by reading books assigned in the class in order to prepare. As an international student, I understand how appreciative locals are when foreigners make an effort to learn the customs.  Besides feeling more comfortable and confident while residing in the U.A.E., I also felt like I understood the culture so much better having researched it prior. I also often shared my experiences with a few friends who were native to the region who provided explanations as to why certain things are the way they are.

Although I have been exposed to multiple cultures throughout my life, every new cultural experience is eye-opening and humbling to me. I am always reminded of how similar we all are, but also how our differences make our world so interesting. Overall, different mindsets do come to a common ground - that of being human. Whenever I draw parallels between a foreign culture and my own, I am constantly reminded of this. Having this in mind definitely keeps me able to relate to and see eye-to-eye with ways of thinking and living that are not my own. When it comes to cultural differences, I always go by the motto "You may not necessarily always understand, but it is crucial to respect." I have learned to be cautious in the way I process these differences, as assuming something may be dangerous and limiting.

Due to being a multi-national and already studying abroad in the U.S. at RIT, I identified with being a global citizen prior to this trip. However, there is so much more in the world I have to see and experience in order to truly fulfill the meaning of a global citizen. Every new opportunity to learn the ways of others is humbling, fascinating and should always be grasped firmly when the opportunity arises. I truly believe in a bond amongst all people regardless of the evident differences, and stepping out of one's comfort zone into a world different than one's own is the first step in strengthening that bond and making the differences appear minor.

The world is your oyster!

Tiffany McFarlane
Tiffany McFarlane

CIEE Summer Japanese Studies -Tokyo, Japan

Study Abroad in Three Words: Rewarding, Changing, Insightful

As an animation student, my interests started as a combination of American and Japanese cartoons. I began learning Japanese to become culturally closer to my adolescent animation influences. I studied abroad to improve my Japanese language skills, as well as to gauge the possibility of working abroad in the future. I think studying abroad helped me realize how realistic working on another country could be. Before, it seemed more of a fantasy but after getting to go and adjusting to a new way of living, I found it very enjoyable and realistic. My proudest academic achievement is the fact that I got A's in both classes I enrolled in!

I think studying abroad really help me squash my self-doubt. Studying abroad was the most ambitious journey I had ever embarked on and being able to make it not only a reality but a success really helped me learn to be more confident and to go after my dreams.

Studying abroad taught me that I'm more adaptable than I realized. I expected to be stared at and maybe even isolated while studying abroad. Instead, I ended up enjoying myself, communicating with people I came in contact with, and leaving with more friendships than I ever could have imagined!

The most surprising part about my experience was realizing how similar yet different Japan is to the United States. There are so many things on a structural and even cultural level that parallel each other but differ enough that it's like being in an alternate universe. It was very cool and very rewarding to experience.

Being abroad helped me develop more empathy and understanding for other cultures. There are many social, political, and societal things that shape a country and its citizens and I think it's important as an American to understand this and realize how unique every country of the world is.

Emily Moore
Emily Moore

RIT Croatia: Footsteps through the Adriatic - Dubrovnik and Zagreb, Croatia

Faculty-Led: The City as Site: Dubai and Beyond - Dubai U.A.E.

Faculty-Led: CIAS Honors Leadership - Rome, Italy and Madrid, Spain

Study Abroad in Three Words: Adventurous. Memorable. Fun.

My mind is always focused on being aware of the issues in the world and where I want to travel next to gain new and meaningful life experiences. Being immersed in new cultures and learning through different perspectives can be so enlightening and eye-opening. I've always known I want to study abroad, I just needed to go for it!

Studying abroad is another step towards the international career I hope to have. The more I can travel and meet new people from diverse backgrounds, the better I will be suited to work in other countries. Many unexpected things happen when traveling and having worked through some tough times while abroad I feel more prepared to go on business trips or work in developing countries after I graduate.

Being able to participate in a design charrette at the American University of Sharjah with students from all over the world was my proudest academic moment abroad. Despite all of the differences in culture, language, and experiences that all of us students had we were able to get to work done and come up with a final project in a very short amount of time. Now I am connected with students from countries like Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, and Mexico to name a few.

Studying abroad reaffirmed my goal to travel as a part of my career. I gained the confidence, independence, and professional skills that will help make me a successful professional in any international field. When traveling it is very important to be timely and organized so I was able to better develop those skills as well as being comfortable outside of my comfort zone.

Studying abroad taught me that I can be successful and confident in new and unfamiliar cultures. There is no doubt in my mind that I can have meaningful life experiences anywhere in the world and constantly be learning from them.

The most surprising part of studying abroad has been that my expectations of how something would be are almost always false. This has been surprising but also very positive in my view because I prefer to be surprised and have new experiences challenge my preconceived biases and views on things.

I think that every effort to understand and experience the world around me has made me a global citizen. I try my best to be as aware as I can about what is going on in the world and to empathize with other people's viewpoints. Being able to understand other's values and to be able to share them with the people I meet is only helping to broaden this world community.

Jaquan Outlaw
Jaquan Outlaw

CIEE Arts & Sciences - Tokyo, Japan

Study Abroad in Three Words: Educational, Fantastic, and Magical

I have always wanted to expand my horizons by going to a foreign country. When I came to RIT, I witnessed the diversity of the campus and talked to people from other countries, and it made me want to go abroad even more because learning about different cultures is one of the greatest experiences one can have. After chatting with faculty, friends, and family I narrowed down my preferred destinations to RIT Dubai, Mumbai, or Japan. Being an Anime fan and having taking a Japanese course, Japan was my first choice. After I studied Japanese level two in the fall I decided to go abroad in the spring to finish a recently declared immersion in Japanese language. My experience in Japan made me think more globally and inspired me to want a job that allowed me to do business all around the world so after my abroad experience, I declared a second minor in international business.

My proudest academic achievement was that I applied what I learned in the class, to outside of the classroom. Being abroad helped me realize that practice does make perfect and I was able to practice my skills outside of the classroom.

I was truly amazed at how much I was about to do while I was overseas in the amount of time I had and without going completely broke! I was able to visit many historic areas such as Kamakura and the island of Miyajima. I saw just about every important Shrine in Kyoto and Osaka in one weekend trip! I was able to become very close friends with a Japanese student whom I call my "Japanese Best Friend.”  I have learned the ins and outs of major cities in Tokyo such as Akihabara, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, Ueno, Yoyogi, and many more. I was able to live in a house full of people all around the world as well as experience living with a local host family! I played on a basketball team at school and went to a Fuji yama theme park with them. I also managed to climb to the top of Mt. Fuji!

Study abroad taught me that no matter who you are or where you are from, the sky's the limit. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something or go where you want to go! Believing in yourself will produce unbelievable results. Learn how to get out of that comfort zone and "become comfortable with being uncomfortable".

not a trap