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Places to buy food include: smaller mini-markets, supermarkets, fresh green markets and of course local restaurants.  Local cuisine is influenced by Italian (especially around the coast), German and French cuisine (continental Croatia).  There are some traces of Turkish or Greek influences, particularly in fast food.

The tap water in Croatia is drinkable, and of very high quality. The water contains a high mineral content, important to know when you use a dishwasher or an iron.

Please note that if there is excessive rain falling for couple of days in Dubrovnik, the water might change color and it is not advisable to drink it until it clears. This happens due to porous soil, which contaminates the water when there is extensive rain.

You can cook at home, which is the most affordable option. You can also go to restaurants like Mea Culpa (pizza), Taj Mahal (traditional Bosnian dishes), Peskarija (seafood), Toni (pasta). All of these are located in the Old Town, and you can get a meal with drink for less than $10. Students usually eat at student restaurants (“menza”), where Croatian students have subsidized prices.

How can you avoid seafood? If seafood is present in a meal, the fact is usually stated with pride on the menu. Fish is called “riba” (reebah) in Croatian, and clams are called “školjke” (shcolke). To make sure, always ask the waiter.

Restaurants in Dubrovnik Old Town


Mea Culpa - Over the years, Mea Culpa has grown to a couple of restaurants on the same street which serve pastas, pizzas, and salads. The prices are moderate and the pizzas are huge. They will have more menu options as the season begins. Directions: when on Stradun, look for Siroka Street on the right hand side. The pizzeria is at the end of that street.

Tabasco – a pizzeria which serves excellent pizzas, pastas, and salads. Directions: Next to Cable Car Station.

*Food delivery is available (Call 020 429 595)

Oliva - a pizzeria which serves pizzas, pastas, and salads. They also sell pizza slices for 15 Kuna. Directions: the pizzeria is on the last small street on Stradun, on the right.


Lokanda Peskarija - located in the Old Town port, Lokanda is the most popular place to get fish and other seafood. The terrace has more than 150 seats, but as the summer season approaches it tends to get busy. The prices range from 40 - 90 Kuna per dish. Directions: walk to the end of Stradun and find the gates that lead to the port. The restaurant will be on the left side and you’ll see the terrace as soon as you enter the port.


Nishta - this is a small restaurant which serves selected vegetarian dishes with vegan options. Recommended for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Directions: Enter Stradun (the main street) through the Pile gate (west entrance), walk straight for approximately one minute and turn left on the 3rd street on your left side (Palmotićeva). If entering the Old Town through the Ploče gate (east entrance), walk straight down Stradun for approximately three minutes and turn right onto the 12th street on your right side (Palmotićeva). Once on Palmotićeva, walk up the street and continue up the first 12 steps. You will now be on Prijeko Street (first street parallel to Stradun). Turn right and our entrance is a precise 4 meters and 78 centimeters to your right.

Bosnian Food

Taj Mahal - Taj Mahal serves authentic Bosnian food. From cheap and popular ćevapčići to more complicated meals, vegetarian dishes, and salads. Directions: Taj Mahal is on one of the streets on the right hand side of Stradun. Look for the red banner that has Taj Mahal written on it, and follow the signs.

Other Types of Food

The Gaffe Pub - a nice restaurant that offers cheaper meals. You can have a meal there for 35 Kuna. They usually offer a number of meals to choose from, between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Directions: the restaurant is located on a street on the right hand side of Stradun. The address is Miha Pracata 4 and the phone number is 020 324 841.

Lapad Area

Scala - Scala has a large menu offering pizzas, pastas, salads, Mexican food, fish and seafood, and daily specials. The prices are reasonable. Directions: the address is Mate Vodopića 3. It’s on the back side of DOC “shopping mall”, right next to Tomy store.

*Food delivery is available (Call 020 412 511)

Falcone - pizza and grill restaurant located on popular "Burbon Street" (Bana Josipa Jelačića)

*Food delivery is available (Call 020 357 000)

Gruž Area

La Luna – offering pizzas and grilled meals. Directions: Next to bakery ("pekara" Galeta and Rusica) in Gruž area, close to the elementary school.

*Food delivery is available (Call 020 419 736)

Gato - a small restaurant near the bus station that offers affordable daily menus. Directions: follow the main street until you reach the bus station and the restaurant will be on your left.

Upscale Restaurants: if you want to go for a nicer dinner to explore Croatian cuisine, you can try Nautika which is on the Pile gate or Sesame which is close to the RIT Croatia building.

Almost all grocery stores are open from 7:00 am-9:00 pm. You can’t buy food after 9:00 pm except in restaurants. Grocery selection is limited compared to the U.S.

In Croatian restaurants, there is no doggy bag concept, portions are smaller compared to the U.S. There are not a lot of fast food options, but there are a lot of bakeries where you can buy snacks, pastries, etc. There are many pizza places and some restaurants deliver.

  • Grocery shops – The stores are not very large, with less choices than in the U.S. Some products you are used to in the U.S. will not be in Croatian stores and some may be packaged differently, so ask for help if needed.
  • Green markets – Open air green markets offer the opportunity to bargain and shop around for fresh, inexpensive vegetables and other foods. 

There are three green markets: Old Town, Gruž, and Lapad. All are opened for a half day (7:00 am – 11:00 am). The markets provide an opportunity to buy authentic products from Dubrovnik region, fruit, vegetables, fresh fish, olive oil and is a very colorful and lively environment.