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Study as an exchange student at RIT's partner university in Hong Kong. Since it opened in 1989, HKUST has emerged as a leading research university in Hong Kong and one of the top universities in the world. The Interdisciplinary Programs Office at HKUST was established in 2008 and offers you the option to combine classes from different departments and schools for a unique academic experience. The program is the only program of its kind in China, allowing students to customize their degree program according to their interests and academic goals and gives students the flexibility to select a range of courses depending on their interests.

Coursework available in:

  • Science (Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences)
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical)
  • Accounting
  • Business (Economics, Global Business, Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Risk Management)
  • Computing

Courses are taught in English (only some courses related to Chinese language or literature are taught in Chinese). Exchange students take 12 to 18 credits.

Housing: As an exchange student, you are provided with university housing available on and off-campus. There are nine on-campus halls and one off-campus hall for undergraduate students. Most undergraduate halls are designed for double or triple occupancy. Rooms are air-conditioned and furnished with desks, chairs, bookshelves, beds, mattresses, wardrobes, and a mini-refrigerator. Common facilities include bathrooms, common rooms with TVs, pantries, microwaves, and student card-operated washing machines and dryers. Wired and Wi-Fi internet access is available in student halls.

About Hong Kong: Located off the southeast coast of China, Hong Kong became a special Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China on July 1, 1997.  The history of the region dates back over 1,000 years.  From its earliest days as a British colony in the 1800's, Hong Kong has been a center of international trade.  Today, Hong Kong is a thriving metropolis with a rich and diverse cultural history that is a combination of traditional and contemporary.  In addition to Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, visitors will hear many Asian and European languages spoken on the street. English is widely spoken and is the preferred language in government, business and tourism sectors.  As a result, visitors can communicate in English with taxi drivers, salespeople, and police.  Restaurant menus and street signs are bilingual (Chinese and English).

Program Terms: Fall, Spring (Summer programs may also be available)

Application deadlines:

  • Final deadline for spring semester applications: September 20
  • Final deadline for fall semester applications: April 1

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To Apply

1) Make an appointment with a study abroad advisor, Maureen Shannon, to go over required application steps - choose a date and time
2) Start an application in the Compass.

COVID-19 & Study Abroad

The RIT Education Abroad office is constantly monitoring how COVID-19 is affecting international travel, with student safety as our top priority. While RIT no longer requires students to be vaccinated, we highly encourage study abroad participants to stay up-to-date with immunizations, boosters and social distancing polices. In fact, study abroad partners and vendors, travel providers and foreign governments may have different requirements and it is the students responsibility to understand and adhere to all requirements and guidelines. For the most up to date information and FAQs, please visit COVID-19 & Study Abroad 

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12 to 18
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Business, Engineering, Science, Math
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