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In this program, you will be enrolled in a spring semester course with students on various linguistic tracks at RIT and then travel to your target linguistic destination for 1-2 weeks in the summer term to learn how language, culture, and entrepreneurial thinking can help address the world's sustainability challenges. You will learn how to discover, evaluate, and enact opportunities in multiple linguistic, cultural, and national contexts to create goods and services. During the travel portion of the course, you will meet with international entrepreneurs, businesses, and incubators to learn how they create and operate a business. You will also engage in the local culture by practicing your linguistic skills and participating in various cultural excursions and activities. You'll visit three cities in Japan: Takamatsu City, Kyoto, Kaga City, and two islands, Ogi Island and Naoshima Island, to observe unique business models and meet entrepreneurs.

The application deadline for the spring/summer 2024 program has passed. To inquire about next year's program, contact the faculty director (Hiroko Yamashita,

  • In Takamatsu City, Kagawa, you'll visit the Bonsai Farmers Association to learn how Bonsai is grown and marketed, stroll along a Japanese Garden dating back to the feudal age, and learn how local businesses use of their famous regional product, Udon noodles, to promote tourism.

  • Visit the city of Uji, known for its centuries-old temple and green tea. You'll learn about the business side of tea and how the town, which is affected by an aging population, tries to revamp itself while keeping old traditions alive.

  • While in Kaga City, Ishikawa, you'll visit an entire town built solely around the natural resource of hot springs and think of how similar concepts may be possible in the U.S.

  • On Ogi Island, Kagawa you'll visit two entrepreneurs who are trying to revive the island by bringing in remote workers, retreaters, and tourists.

  • In Naoshima Island, Kagawa, you'll visit the world-known museum of modern art, the Chichu Art Museum, and learn how the island successfully capitalizes on tourism resources and the tri-annual international Setouchi Art Festival.

Term: Spring 2024 course, travel to Japan in May
Travel Dates: May 30 - June 8, 2024
Credits: 3

Course Details:

  • MLST 449 - Language and Culture for International Entrepreneurship (CLA)
  • MGMT 489 - Language and Culture for International Entrepreneurship (SCB)

During spring 2024, the class will meet on Fridays from 10:00-11:50 a.m.

Pre-requisites: MLJP202 Beginning Japanese 2 (by Spring 2024) or equivalent as determined by RIT Language Placement Exam. Open to all undergraduate majors.

Application deadline: October 15, 2023

Program Cost:
Student budget worksheet (2024 program)- outlines all program costs. Take a copy of the budget to a meeting with RIT financial aid BEFORE the application deadline to see how your aid may apply.

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Language of Instruction: 
English, Japanese
Course Discipline: 
Business, Japanese Language
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RIT Students only