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With campuses in both the small coastal city of Dubrovnik as well as the capital city of Zagreb, RIT Croatia enrolls over 600 students not only from within Croatia, but throughout Europe, Australia, South America and the US.

Dubrovnik is truly a unique destination that magnificently combines the natural beauty of the pristine Adriatic Sea and mountainous Croatian landscape with outstanding architecture and old-world charm. The stunning city of Dubrovnik with its historic Old Town became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. The gleaming marble streets are lined with baroque buildings and Renaissance fountains and has recently become the setting for the popular television series “Game of Thrones”. The history of Dubrovnik is a fascinating study of the rise of a great maritime power that lived in peace and prosperity for nearly five centuries. But Dubrovnik is so much more than a fascinating Old Town. It is a first class Adriatic resort completed with beautiful pebble beaches and a vibrant nightlife.

When you are in Dubrovnik, your learning will continue beyond the walls of the classroom. Visit the ancient Roman salt flats that are still in production today. Attend numerous cultural festivities that are unique to the Dalmatian Coast. Simply sit at one of the many sidewalk cafes and listen to the stories of your classmates. Walk atop the city walls, go for a hike or take a ferry to one of the many nearby islands. Live and learn in Dubrovnik and experience every aspect of its captivating, charming and beautiful atmosphere.

Detailed information about studying abroad at RIT Croatia in Dubrovnik including dates, deadlines, housing, excursions and dining can be found here.

Students typically take a minimum of 12 credits (4 courses) during their academic term abroad. Your department advisor can review and pre-approve the RIT courses offered at RIT Croatia to ensure that you stay on track with your individual degree program. The academic calendar aligns closely with the RIT calendar and consists of two semesters, each 16 weeks long.

Courses are available in:
- Accounting
- Computing
- Travel/Tourism
- Information Technology
- Mathematics
- Modern Languages
- Liberal Arts

Program Cost: Student budget worksheet for the 2023-24 Academic Year. Students should take a copy of this worksheet to their financial aid assistant director to determine how their aid may apply to the program cost.

Application deadlines:
Fall semester - April 1
Spring semester - October 1

RIT Study Abroad Scholarships
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To Apply

1) Make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to go over required application steps - choose a date and time
2) Start an application in the Compass.

COVID-19 & Study Abroad

The RIT Education Abroad office is constantly monitoring how COVID-19 is affecting international travel, with student safety as our top priority. While RIT no longer requires students to be vaccinated, we highly encourage study abroad participants to stay up-to-date with immunizations, boosters and social distancing polices. In fact, study abroad partners and vendors, travel providers and foreign governments may have different requirements and it is the students responsibility to understand and adhere to all requirements and guidelines. 

Academic Year
12 to 15
Language of Instruction: 
Course Discipline: 
Accounting, Computing, Tourism Management, Information Technology, International Hospitality & Service Management, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Liberal Arts
Open To: 

RIT Students
Outside Students