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Study Abroad Fair – Annual Event in September

There will not be a Study Abroad Fair during the fall 2023 semester. A fair may be planned for spring 2024. For more information about study abroad, students can visit the Study Abroad & Your Major section of our website and watch a video that provides an overview of study abroad at RIT.

The Study Abroad Fair is an opportunity for you to gather information from international program providers, learn about RIT opportunities available, get questions answered, and identify resources available to jump-start an international experience. This is a great time for you to compare programs of various providers and find out more about upcoming programs.

Study Abroad organizations that typically attend the fair:

Make The Most of the Fair!

To make the most of the fair here are a few tips to keep in mind:


  • Watch this short video about Study Abroad at RIT
  • Do some research to understand different kinds of study abroad program types before the fair. Learn about different program types here.
  • Visit the Study Abroad & Your Major section of our website
  • Talk with your academic advisor about how an international experience would best fit into your degree program.
  • Think about your priorities for choosing a program (ex. Language of instruction, length of program, cultural immersion, cost).
  • Start learning about the organizations attending and do some basic research on their programs (see list above)


  • Pick up a map when you first arrive in order to plan who you would like to talk to.
  • Start by checking with your college table to find out which programs would work best for your major and college-specific considerations for studying abroad. Also visit other college tables that may offer programs for your minor, immersion or electives.
  • Have some questions ready to ask our visiting providers:
    • What kinds of programs do you have for (ex. Engineering) majors?
    • What kinds of programs do you have to (ex. Australia)?
    • Do you offer internship opportunities? Are they paid or unpaid? How many work hours?
    • What types of housing options are available? Apartments, dorms, homestays (staying with a local family)?
    • What would the application requirements be?
    • Will I be studying with other US students or international students?
    • Do you offer scholarships for your programs?

Hear from other students. Our Global Ambassadors (returned study abroad students) will be at the fair and are happy to answer questions about their experience.


Questions? Email