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Please refer to the F.A.Q. below for details on how to bring an international student for research to the main campus


Can a student be enrolled in credit bearing classes while at RIT?


The RIT International Visiting Research Student program does not generally include credit bearing coursework while at RIT.


The primary intention of the student’s time at RIT should be research under the RIT faculty guidance. Students must be engaged in at least 30 hours/week of research.


Students will be enrolled in a full-time equivalent 0-credit course managed by the RIT Global Office. The faculty providing research oversight will be responsible for submitting a grade at the end of the semester.


A student interested in enrolling in credit-bearing coursework in addition to the research should consider his/her available time to complete the course. Students should also be prepared to pay RIT tuition for any credit-bearing courses. You can find the cost per credit for the current academic year here:


Does RIT need to provide funding in order to host an international visiting research student?


No – an RIT college/department may provide funding toward a student’s expenses while at RIT (ex: funding for housing or a meal plan) but it is not required. As a part of the visa process, the student will need to show that they have the appropriate finances in place to cover costs while in the U.S. (see estimated program costs below). This funding may come from the home university, the student’s personal finances, family/sponsor financial support, and/or RIT financial support. The student should not be paid for the research completed and may not be registered for co-op.


Can the student work on campus?

Yes - The student may work on-campus only as a student employee up to 20 hours/week. However, the research completed does not qualify as student employment and the student may not be paid for their research.



What are the faculty responsibilities?

The faculty member working with the international visiting research student is committing to providing oversight and guidance to the student throughout the time of the program. The faculty must ensure the student is engaged in their research for the required minimum of 30 hours/week but does not need to be present for all of these hours. The faculty and student may set an agreed-upon meeting schedule. The faculty is responsible for assessing the student’s research at the end of the program and submit a letter grade in SIS for the 0-credit course.


What are the academic department responsibilities?

The research experience must be approved by the department head or dean's office of the RIT host department. Department or dean's office level signature is required on the RIT Visiting Research Student Request form. It is the RIT host department's responsibility to ensure export control compliance.


Can I give access to my lab?

The student will receive an RIT ID card which can be coded for lab/room/equipment access. Access to a faculty lab, equipment, or other RIT research should be at the discretion of the department. International visiting researchers must be approved by the department chair and follow all guidance/regulations as identified by RIT Policy, Sponsored Research Services, Office of Compliance and Ethics, and the office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer as relevant.



What are the student costs for participation?

The following provides estimated monthly costs. Please work with the RIT Global Office to review the expected visit dates and costs.

     RIT Housing      $975/month (RIT Inn long-term stay rent)
     Meals      $750/month (estimated at $25/day)
     Health Insurance      $150/month
     Student Health Center Fee      $175/semester
     RIT Admin Fee      $200 /one time fee


This sounds great - what are my next steps?

Please reference the International Visiting Research Student Process section for next steps.