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RIT Global

Please consider the following questions when planning a collaboration with an international university or other international partner:


1. Do you have the support of your department chair and dean, or the Vice President for Research?


2. Does the partner institution and its academic unit compatible with RIT’s reputation for excellence in teaching and research?


3. What are the joint academic activities in which the two institutions will engage? Some examples include:

  •      Exchanges of, or visits by faculty, staff, and/or student researchers
  •      Exchange of research materials or technical information
  •      Research collaboration
  •      Joint conferences or workshops
  •      Scholarship collaboration
  •      Special short-term projects
  •      Other


4. How will these activities benefit RIT?


5. What university resources will be required to carry out these activities?

  •      Funds
  •      Facilities and office space
  •      Research materials, tools, databases, equipment
  •      Time and effort of RIT personnel


6. When will the activities ideally begin?


7. Will you be sharing or jointly developing any intellectual property?


8. What will the financial obligations of RIT and the partner institution be? Some examples include:

  •      Who pays for travel, housing, health insurance, living expenses, etc?
  •      Will any payments be made by one party to the other?
  •      Will any fees be charged for laboratory or overhead expenses?
  •      Will either party be contributing money to student scholarships?


9. Will the activities taking place at RIT be supported by funding from any external sources?


10. How many years would you like the agreement to be in effect?  (3-5 years is common.)


11. You are responsible for implementing and overseeing the activities stated in the agreement.  Who will do so if you become unavailable?


You can download a copy of this list here.