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RIT Global

Financing Study Abroad

As with any major investment, it is important that students understand the financial commitment they are making when they choose to study abroad. Cost details are available only on the official and approved budget worksheets that we create in our office. All students are required to bring the budget worksheet to a meeting with the Financial Aid office. Students can research scholarship opportunities on our website,, and advisors in our office can assist students in constructing competitive applications. Students will be billed on their regular RIT eServices account.

Students with Disabilities

It is important that we design our study abroad programs to accommodate students with disabilities and that we communicate program details early and frequently so that students can make informed decisions about their participation and preparation. We work closely with the RIT Disability Services office to support students studying abroad. Depending on the student’s need, you may have Access Services support providers traveling abroad with you. Mobility International is a great resource for supporting students with disabilities abroad.

Student Health and Wellness

Study Abroad, as with any major life change, (regardless of length of time, location, etc.) has the potential to exacerbate pre-existing medical, mental health and wellness concerns or contribute to new ones. Local culture, custom and practices may not have/provide the support systems students might be accustomed to here. When selecting programs and preparing for their travel, students are encouraged to consider how they will manage things like medications, allergies, meal restrictions, mental health, physical health & mobility, sexual health and drugs/alcohol. It is imperative that we support students in managing of their own health and wellness by informing them of potential risks, directing them to resources and assisting them in emergency situations. Sharing this Health & Wellness Flyer with your students will help them start thinking about managing their own health while abroad.

Diverse Students

Exploring another country’s cultural values inevitably inspires critical thinking about one’s own values and identity. It is important that we honor and elevate the voices and perspectives of underrepresented students participating on our programs. Creating an inclusive environment to reflect on what all students are experiencing enhances the learning for all.  Our partners in RIT’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion as well as the Q Center, Center for Women and Gender, Disability Services and more are great resources for helping us develop these kinds of environments. Diversity Abroad is another great resource for supporting our diverse students.

Supporting Parents

Parents are an important stakeholder in your students’ success. While we are hoping that interested students are sharing pertinent program information with their parents, they may feel more comfortable getting details from you because you are the most intimately knowledgeable about your program, the itinerary and costs. Being responsive and helpful will put parents' minds at ease. If a student is 18 or older, it is their decision whether or not to commit to your program. When students commit, they sign a FERPA waiver that allows us to share further information about the student’s participation, especially in emergencies. Also feel free to direct family members to the parent section of our website.