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An International Visiting Research Student (IVRS) is an international, non-degree seeking student conducting research in collaboration with an RIT faculty in Rochester, NY. An IVRS is typically an undergraduate student but may be graduate level. They must be a current degree seeking student at an international university and receive the approval of both their home university and RIT to participate in the program.

Please respond to the question below to determine if this program is right for you and your students.

Have you been approached by a highly qualified undergraduate or graduate student from an international university interested in doing research at RIT?
Are you working with an RIT international partner university to select a qualified undergraduate or graduate students to conduct research on the RIT campus?

If your answer is YES: This is the correct program for you and your student. Please continue to review the procedures and F.A.Q.

If your answer is NO but you are interested in working with a qualified international visiting research student, the RIT Global Office would be happy to connect you with international partner universities with strong academic and/or research programs in your area for further discussion*. Contact

*The RIT Global Office does not identify or select research students.

If you are still not sure if your visitor qualifies for this program or if there are other options please go contact