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Now that you have a solidified program idea and have done some preliminary research, it’s time to formally develop your program. This section is designed to help you understand the proposal and budget process. The Education Abroad office is here to walk you through each step.

Faculty-Led Proposal Phase I

Complete the Phase I form outlining the academic rationale for your program. Present it to your Department Chair and Dean for review and approval. Submit final document and approval to the Education Abroad office.

Faculty-Led Proposal Phase II

Complete the Phase II form outlining program and travel logistics. Submit the final document to the Education Abroad office for approval by Risk Management and RIT Global.

Budget Planning

Use this budget template to help you estimate program costs. Once you’ve done some research, you’ll bring this to a meeting with Education Abroad to build the total program budget as well as the student budget.

Important Contacts

Successful study abroad programs are definitely a team effort. Here are some important contacts and resources you may need to reach out to:

College Liaisions
CET - Sean Bennett (
CET - Scott Wolcott (
CAD - Sarah Thompson (
CLA - Michael Laver (
CLA - Rebecca DeRoo (
CHST - Rebecca Roberts (
COS - Catherine Mahrt-Washington (
GCCIS - Gina Shevchuk (
KGCOE - Karen Hirst (
KGCOE - Hillary McCormick (
NTID -  Erin Esposito (
SCB - Lisa Boice (
SCB - Clarissa Baston (

Financial Liaisions
CAST - Rosemary Andolina (
CHST - Sandra Buckert (
CIAS - Lea Stavoli (
CLA - Israel Brown (
COS - Angela Dolliver (
GCCIS - Kim Shearer (
KGCOE - Anne Stevens (
NTID - Kate Sweeney (
SCB - Vicky Cottrell (

Current RIT Partnerships

Click this link to view a list of current approved overseas partners and travel operators/tour vendors who might assist you in the development of your program.

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