NTID Faculty Congress (NFC)

NTID Faculty Congress (NFC) operates in agreement with RIT's Charter of Academic Governance just like RIT's Academic Senate.

NFC follows a similar representative model as Academic Senate and consists of 11 representatives (membership) from all discipline units of NTID.

Like Academic Senate, NFC will work with administration to vet, create, and modify policy as it pertains to faculty affairs. (RIT-wide policy library; NTID policy library)

NFC runs elections for the following bodies/committees:

  1. NTID Faculty Congress (Executive committee)
  2. RIT Academic Senate (AS)
  3. Faculty Evaluation and Development (FEAD) grants committee
  4. Eisenhart Awards committee 
  5. Academic Affairs (AS standing committee)
  6. Academic Support and Student Affairs committee (AS standing committee)
  7. Long Range Planning and Environment Committee (AS standing committee)
  8. Resource Allocation and Budget Committee (AS standing commitee)
  9. Research and Scholarship Committee

Read more about the important faculty role of shared governance.


Committee Composition Faculty Representative Photo Term Ending
ASL & Interpreting Education

Sandra Bradley

Portrait of Sandra Bradley 2024
Business Studies Adriana Kulakowski
Portrait of Adriana Kulakowski 2023
Communication Studies and Services Catherine Clark Portrait of Catherine Clark 2022
Engineering Studies Marcus Holmes
Portrait of Marcus Holmes 2022
Information and Computing Studies Brian Trager Portrait of Brian Trager 2023
Liberal Studies Clayton Ide Portrait of Clayton Ide 2024
Master of Science in Secondary Education Patrick Graham Portrait of Patrick Graham 2024
Performing Arts Luane Davis Haggerty Portrait of Luane Davis Haggerty 2023
Science & Math Bonnie Jacob Portrait of Bonnie Jacob 2022
Visual Communications Studies Troy Olivier Portrait of Troy Olivier 2024
At-Large Representative Denise Kavin Portrait of Denise Kavin 2024

Meeting Schedule

NFC meets on a monthly basis normally on a Tuesday at 12:00 - 1:30 pm.

Suggested Meeting Schedule:

Fall AY 2021-2022
Meeting Date Location
August 31, 2021 Remote
September 28, 2021 CSD 1300
October 26, 2021 CSD 1300
November 30, 2021 CSD 1300
December 7, 2021 CSD 1300