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Types of Programs

For the most up to date and complete list of programs, please visit the Compass.

RIT Study Abroad & Fellowships offers five distinct types of programs: Gateways, Global Campus, Faculty-Led and Affiliate Programs.

Gateways are customized RIT programs abroad that feature a unique host university and are usually major specific. Students will pay RIT tuition, earn direct RIT credit and be assigned pass/fail grades.

Global Campus Programs allow students to directly enroll in one of RIT’s international campuses located in Dubrovnik & Zagreb, Croatia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Pristina, Kosovo. These locations follow the same academic calendar as RIT and students have the option of enrolling for a semester, summer, intersession or academic year. Classes are in session year round, but course offerings will vary depending on the campus and semester. Students will pay RIT tuition, earn direct RIT credit and be assigned letter grades based on the 4.0 GPA scale.

Faculty-Led Programs are completely designed and developed by RIT faculty members, who lead a group of students on a program abroad. The location, duration and course offerings of the program depend on the interest and expertise of the faculty member. Students will pay RIT tuition, earn direct RIT credit and be assigned letter grades based on the 4.0 GPA scale.

Affiliate Programs are facilitated by partner universities and organizations to enhance the variety of locations and course offerings available to students. Students will pay tuition as assigned by the partner university. Students will earn credits which are transferred back to RIT and assigned pass/fail grades.

International Co-op allow students participating in a cooperative education experience, or co-op, to spend time working with a professional organization in their field so that they may gain valuable real-world experience before they graduate. Adding a valuable global dimension to their resume, many students choose to complete their cooperative education experience internationally. For more information on co-op abroad opportunities, please visit the Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services.

*For any of the programs listed above that are NTID specific you can find additional information on the NTID Study Abroad section of their website.

If you have exhausted all options available through RIT Global programs and have found an opportunity through a program not affiliated with RIT you will be studying abroad independently and should follow the process for Independent Study Abroad. This will make you ineligible for RIT financial aid. You will also not be billed or registered with RIT. Keep in mind that this may affect your health insurance and your third party scholarships which require you to prove full time enrollment. It is very important that you follow the process outlined on the Independent Study Abroad Checklist. In order to complete all of the steps on the checklist, you will also need to fill out this form for course pre-approval and a Liability Waiver which can be found in the Compass.

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